About 3 months ago I attended a seminar on political Christianity as an observer ( being a Christian I detest Political Christianity.THe guest speaker was a former congressman who belongs to the Republican party.

He was invited by FOCUS , A Christian organization that is both Evangelical and Ecumenical. The poor lad ranted about how he lost his seat due to the Obama tsunami that hit US Politics in 2008.Hiis was one of depressed disillusioned politics gone to the dogs.However the seminar became the launchpad for another shot coming November 2010.

His views were rather futuristic,in that he already sees a wave of change (another one ??) due to Homosexual rights,Health Care Reform and other ‘Anti Conservative Measures .So much for being a Christian Politician ( all they can do is fight physical wars.)

My Analysis

American Evangelicals are being duped again for a counter change change by the Right wing on the basis of the Obamanation. This is just another case of merry go round whatever horse you change,things will still remain the same.

Obama has unveiled to the world what America has been hiding for years ; the ice of lawlessness falsely called liberty by unregenerate man.His election created a big crack on the Evangelical base that will last a long time.The clash of utopias is on in America.


AS mentioned above,the former congressman came begging African Christians to rise up to the occasion and become Political change agents.He is one amongst many American Political Prosperity missionaries spreading such venom in Africa.

Africa ? Yes Africa is still conservative due to its ethical culture that upholds morality and communal life .Though other aspects of African culture are not to be embraced by a true Christian.So Africa offers hope to the American Right wingers .

The best example of this is the Anti Homo Bill or the Bahati Bill in Uganda. This bill has flavors of Texas sodomy laws and from the look of things it will pass because many Christians support it.

This might sound like a victory parade for right wingers but not just yet.Let me spoil the party with the other side of the dollar.

Many African Christians in sub Saharan Africa are majorly Westernized ,though there is somewhat true genuine Christianity.They are also conservative thanks to culture.

This population being very large is a big harvest field for American political missionaries who love manifest destiny and making heaven on earth without Jesus Christ.Thus they export their ideas through:

Conservative Legislation—Legislation of morality

Employing Christian Institutions and advising them to preach about Christians to be change agents instead of preaching Jesus as the real change of the hearts of men.

Crusades and leadership seminars to ignite African Christians to take over governments and public service for Christ ( which is actually for America and Rich men of the earth )

These exporters are in for a rude shock in this section because most of the Western Christianity in Africa is


SHALLOW—It is a Sunday Christianity ,an outward cover for tribal lusts and Economic empowerment deep seated inwardly (Jesus CHANGES OUR INWARDS)

CULTURAL—- Is just an appendix to traditional cultures which are not Christian—you have Anglican polygamists, Pentecostals who visit shrines, Catholics wearing charms etc

UNBIBLICAL—many false doctrines due to poor interpretation of Scripture

When things get real hard,Christianity is put aside and the real inward things emerge.This is the ugly side of Westernization that overshadows its good side.Political Christianity is just the same if not worse because the author of the faith did not ordain it to change this wicked world.

Arthur Owiti