There is one church ,one body of Christ which holds the doctrine of Christ and the teachings of the apostles in the book of Acts.Our example of true church is the first church in the book of Acts.If our churches fall short of the example set out in the book of Acts then they are in false doctrines and rebellion against God.


1.IT believes that it has to build a physical building of stones and bricks,glass, stadiums, cathedrals to worship God,calling it a church.


The 1st Church in Acts never built buildings to worship God because Jesus and the Apostles did not give such instructions and they knew that it is a spiritual building

The 1st Church in Acts met house to house daily to pray,worship and break bread together,
Acts 2:44-47

2.It believes that it needs a man made order of service or liturgy,ignoring the Holy Spirit and his gifts in the body of believers.


The Church is the habitation of God through the Spirit,not through man or his man made services and liturgies. Ephesians 2 :22

The meeting of beilevers is enhanced by the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as prophecy,word of revelation,doctrine,psalm song.1 Cor 14 sets out a typical fellowship of believers and its order.

All believers are priests vested with different gifts to edify the believers,the church.Glass and red carpets have never edified one’s spirit to be more like Christ. 1 Peter 2:5-6

Believers receive gifts of apostles,prophets teachers pastors…these are not and have never been titles but gifts to build the church. A lot of dollars and mortars are building physical buildings but house people who do not use the word of God and gifts to edify the real church.

Neither have one hour services on a sheet of paper made the Holy Spirit have his way to guide the church into all truth using the gifts he has given believers.

3.It believes that only one man or pastor or a few chosen people are to lead worship and the fellowship


•All believers are priests and have gifts of the Holy Spirit which should be exercised in an orderly manner as seen in 1 Cor 14 1 Peter 2:5-6, Note this is impossible to be carried out in a stadium of 30,000 ‘believers’ called church
•The only true leadership in the church is servant leadership not Lord leadership
•Jesus Christ is the only High Priest in the gathering of believers, represented by the Holy Spirit.Heb 3 :1, Matthew 18:20

4.It believes that church members must tithe to worship God

•All believers are priests under the Melchizedek order and for tithe to be accepted as per the law only the Levitical priests were to receive it.The Church is not scriptural instructed to follow Levitical priesthood practices. Hebrews 7

•The first church were not told to tithe hence today’s church should not tithe but give to those in need amongst them.
•Tithe was paid only in the Temple , only physical building in Jerusalem called the house of the Lord.