8. IT teaches extra things which are not in the Word of God or subtracts things or insists on a wrong interpretation of scripture.


It is sin for the church and a believer to add or subtract from the words of God or create new things against God’s word Revelation 22 :18-19

The Holy Spirit is to guide the Church into all truth because he is the Spirit of Truth and God’s word is truth ,the sword of the Spirit John 16 :13-15

A good and thorough study of the book of Acts will open one’s eyes to the preminence of Jesus Christ in the church.The 1st church in Acts, even with its weaknesses endeavored to hold on to the profession of Christ Jesus in the midst of persecution and great trial.We have no excuse to not to follow their example because it was based on obedience to Jesus Christ,the Word of GOD.

Some say things have changed because of technology hence we are not bound to the scriptural examples of the early Church.Just because we have computers and mobile phones and DVDs today and not scrolls or stones does not mean the message changed or must change.The medium of giving messages changed but not the message.The word of God will still remain.It is eternal.

By Arthur Owiti

NB…This is a modification of an article I wrote before.The modification was on the issue of the sabbath.After research on the Easter tradition from this site http://www.thebibleistheotherside.org/message23.htm

I learned that Easter is a false notion and basis for Sunday worship because Jesus did not rise on Sunday but on Saturday afternoon.The Sunday teaching is propagated on the Easter saga.The study opened my eyes and I admit and humble myself to God’s word which is true.The Sabbath day was never changed and Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath .However we are NOT SAVED BECAUSE WE KEEP THE SABBATH BUT BECAUSE WE ARE WASHED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS .Neither shudl we judge Christians on this issue of sabbath.

Our faith is not based on deeds of the law but on grace .The SDA church ( which I am against because it is a denomination, hating the system not the people ) needs to repent of its heretical teachings of faith plus works and false porhecies and teachings of Ellen G White.