The Kenya Post Election Violence 2008, The Uganda Riots In Buganda of 2009,the Nigerian Jos Massacre 2010, Niger coup—–what is the fuss ? Why the bloodshed and growing discontent.Some say tribalism and others say economics.Both are interconnected but whether they are not Jesus foresaw such a time of wars amongst tribes and nations and distress of nations.The creation is wailing in all spheres.

A look at the African landscape of society one observes divided bifurcated people.This complex division is a powder keg waiting to explode.The aforementioned examples of violence mostly carry the tribalistic or religious tone in the mainstream media.However this is just the epidermis of the conflict bedeviling the people.Economics plays the endodermis part and is at the heart of the conflict.Tribalism or Religion is just the fuel.


The crafty colonialists came up with divide and rule to gain effective rule over Africans.They magnified the differences to heights of hatred; since it is possible to be different and still live in harmony hence no need to abolish your tribe or your surname for fear of being called a tribalist.This division created to main groups of collaborators and resistors.So impressed were these notions that some still employ them to refer to other tribes.

At the end of overt colonial rule (covert colonial rule is still on thanks to IMF, WORLD BANK and UN ) the African people new it was a new dawn.Little did they know that the change was just the change of dancers dancing to the same tune danced by the colonialist-no change in policy of greed.Like colonialist divided the nations they conquered, politicians divide the nation tribally economically and religiously for their gain and control.

Those who collaborated got the best part of the stake.Those who were anti government got nothing and were ignored.The collaborators who gain today do not care about tribe or religion but economy and money .Then they use tribe and religion to blind the masses that these are the problems bedeviling the people.What they know is that division brings in more money and control for them but untold suffering for the people.

With one receiving privileges and the other bread crumbs inequality grew by strides.Today we have Educational inequality, Technological inequality destroying competition and creating monopoly.Today the rural areas are being transformed into urban entities not that it is aiding them fully but that the same people who control urban power are colonizing the rural…no competition from the rural but colonization by the urban.


However man can stomach differences for years with a few hiccups.Why all the issue of war when diverse people have been coexisting peacefully ?Overwhelming stress and injustice can blow it up and this has been largely birthed out by the Global Economic Crisis.

The global economic crisis is not only stage planned but spells the creation of a new world order with the collapse of the old order.Change is costly and this type of change is too hot to handle .It will come with a fight.

This stage planned crisis has serious implications of already divided Africa.The tribal -economic wars that form the base of political perspective for many will be used as a scape goat (real one ) for chaos and justification for a new global order with one global law and government.

It is right not to be part of current political tussles.Most divisions were already foreseen by the creators of the new world order with one global government.

It is right not to get involved in political movements that are just advancing the interests of this world.Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world.

What we as Christians need to do in the face of all these adversities in politics and religion and economy is continuing loving God wholly and loving our neighbour as we love ourselves.That is the kingdom of God.

Arthur Owiti