The issue of Middle East peace is the issue of false peace making,just as Jesus said that the world can give peace but not the peace of God.IN Christendom ,it is the Ecumenical wing that is pushing for false peace through the two state solution.After demonizing the Evangelical Wing for Extreme Zionism, their subtle false peace making is the way to sudden destruction.

The Ecumenists rightly call for Palestinians to be treated well by the State of Israel.However they close their eyes to the HOLY PROPHETIC scriptures concerning the land of Israel as being an issue of covenant ,of election and not of political greed or false peace.

They close their ears to the issue of Jerusalem and the the literal ,physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mt of Olives after the tribulation of those days.
On the other hand I am not calling for blind support for Israel without criticism.The criticism the Gentile church should give is the preaching of he Gospel and Jesus Christ to the Jews which we have neglected for so long.

The Christ of Ecumenism gives peace the world ‘s way. False concessions, words of harmony without dealing with the issues that destroy peace.There is no peace without truth but the peace of this world is always filled with subtility and lies.How can a world that rejects Jesus Christ really get true peace .The peace of this world is a delay tactic to inevitable war.

The League of Nations made a covenant (yes that is what they called it ) not to go to war again ,in 1928.Ten years later they were back guns blazing even despite extreme economic difficulties in the Western world.

The United Nations after the war promised not to go to war again by prohibiting force but since 1945 so many wars and conflicts have taken place right under their noses.Treaties seem to be publicity stunts but violence is still the goal of the wicked world under the god of this world and the prince of the power of the air.
Israel example

1950s————————Conflicts on the Gaza Strip
1960s————————- Six Day War
1970s————————- Yom Kippur
1980s———————– Intafadas
1990s———————- Palestinian Suicide Attacks
2000s———————–Lebanon War ;Gaza War
2010———————— Rumours of Big War…IT is inevitable

So with such historical,factual examples of failed peace Ecumenists are willfully ignorant on peace making on an international scale.Only Jesus Christ will bring true peace to this world when he comes back again to rule from Jerusalem.Only his coming will turn swords into plowshares.

We are to be peacemakers wherever we live and to love our enemies especially in the coming persecution and great tribulation .However we are not to create peace for the limelight and cameras and vain glory of men.This is what the Ecumenists are doing.Trying to be diplomats and angels of light in politics which is impossible.True messengers of peace preach the gospel to all men to the JEW FIRST then the Gentile.

Arthur Owiti