It is 10 years since the infamous Kanungu cult from Uganda of the restoration of the Ten Commandments that killed many in the name of being the last days.Still this year the US Legislature has taken a grand initiative to bring down Joseph Kony the rebel leader who also” wants to uphold the Ten Commandments’. In just these two examples one sees a common thread: cultists are terrorists.
To make my stand clear.There are Dangerous cults in fact many have risen out of the Evangelical circles and also on the internet.However even denominational churches are cults as long as they do not keep to sound doctrine.

Every Christian should be aware of dangerous cults even on the net that do not teach sound doctrine but the teachings of men, fantasies and lies.Resist the temptation to go for them and do not be swayed away as little children but build up your most holy faith in the word of God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.Remain in His word.Test every Spirit and take what is good discarding the bad.

To set the record straight, mass suicide is the work of Satan.Being a political rebel so as to to make the world worship God is not sound doctrine.However questions and curiosity tickles me.Both the Kanungu and Kony groups were talking of restoration of the ten commandments which is sound doctrine .Their application of the sound doctrine was not in ;line with God’s word but it is true that the ten commandments summarizes the law in one word which is love according to the word of God.

Whereas criminals against municipal law should be punished by municipal authorities, such laws can be bent against innocent people.What seems to be morphing out is the Anti Christ war against the saints.True Bible keeping Christians will be seen to be terrorists just as Kibwetere and Kony are seen to be.

What is coming in the days to come is :
More exposure of sin in Christendom.
More reports and exposure of so called cults and weird Church practices.

Such things work at :
fueling blasphemy against God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
calls for religious tolerance
pampering of sin and playing down its destructive effects and eternal implications.
persecution of those who uphold the truth of God’s word.

Just this 2010, 3 months only in East Africa the issue of cults have risen through:
1.Esther Arunga and Finger of God Ministries
MESSAGE/ VERDICT: Unregistered churches and fellowships are cults.Meaning for anyone to conduct ministry you must submit to Government hence no freedom of expression.

2.Joseph Kony Disarmament by US government
MESSAGE? VERDICT: Anyone who calls on people to keep the commandments of Jesus Christ ,the commandments of God is a terrorists(I am not saying Joseph Kony is saying so ..killing and raping are SINS WHICH LEAD TO HELL…I am saying that they are creating an enemy absolute which in the end will be Christians as bible prophecy predicts )

3.Calls to set up a Kanungu Commission of Inquiry
MESSAGE / VERDICT ;They will define what a cult is ..hence those calling for a rerun to biblical holiness and purity through Jesus Christ and his word will be seen as heretics or cultists

4. The DHS Document from the Obama Administration
VERDICT/MESSAGE: This document clearly states that those who are domestic terrorists include among others, Christians who believe in End time prophecies and scriptures.They are being labeled Right wing extremists unfairly.

The days of the Inquisition are back..the days when the Anabapstists were killed because of following Biblical truth are here.BU WE WILL NOT FEAR.

Words of Encouragement
Repent and seek the face of God in is word. BE doer of his word and humble yourself before him.WE are to endure to the end , endure persecution, endure hatred endure false accusations endure for the sake of the Lord keeping his example as our example of living holy for hi in this crooked world.
Arthur Owiti