The monument of African Renaissance is really a monumental failure in a country and continent where poverty is rampant and bad governance the order of the day.What should tickle one’s eyes apart from the waste of resources is also the historic and symbolic meaning.

This monument ,whether typifying African Renaissance or Socialist Whims bears the marks of the Babylonian three-some of Nimrod, the father, who built great cities in Babylon and abroad and was the early world’s great ruler; Semiramis his wife who encouraged worship of herself , Nimrod and Tammuz claiming Tammuz was a reincarnation of Nimrod : Tammuz, the child of Semiramis who was worshiped and formed the basis of the mother child cult which has gone down to the Roman Catholic church and Protestant churches and Evangelical churches which keep the mother child feats such as Ash Wednesday ,Easter and Christians and Sunday worship ( Nimrod was the sun to be worshiped).

So with this statue/idol we have the young child- a Tammuz, the man- a Nimrod, and the woman- a Semiramis.IDOLATRY BABYLONIAN STYLE in Africa.

By having that statue established in Senegal Africa, the world has added a new idol or abomination to God .What is interesting is that Senegal is a former French colony and when one looks at most of the idols such as the Eiffel Tower and The Statue of Liberty the French connection is made very easily. The analysis is not on the basis of race but on the basis of intellectual ideas of secularism , exaltation of man and rejection of Christianity typified by Freemasonry and other anti Christian institutions world wide which had among others, French roots .Just food for thought.

Arthur Owiti