The Kenyan Christendom is pitting itself and its flock in the murky waters of politic once again which is a big shame and absolute rebellion against the word of God. In this case the Christian leaders are mobilizing support against the new draft constitution based on abortion and Kadhis courts or Islamic courts in the name of separation of state and religion. However the truth of the matter is that Kenya has never had separation from State and Church/ Religion.

Kenyan Christian leaders are saying that inclusion of the Kadhi courts in the proposed constitution elevates one religion over the rest. The question is what elevation yet the Christian religion is the most elevated of all religions.
1.Christian Religious Education and Christian Chaplaincy.
This subject is practically taught in public schools yet the government of Kenya is a secular state. If Kenya is a secular state why is it children were and are taught Christian religious education .
Why is that school chaplains boast of immense power as the spiritual heads of schools and the armed forces (obviously earning a salary for such positions of this world which is not justified by the authority and words of Jesus Christ ).
Muslims are not in these areas of influence and if they are , it is only where they have a majority.
2. State Christianity
This is where religious bodies have the tax exempt status because they perform government services while holding marriages and funerals. This evident with the Marriage Act. This means the government is the authority over such ceremonies in the church when the Bible is clear that Jesus is the head of the church.
The church these Christian leaders claim to lead is a State owned church and is not owned By Jesus Christ. The reason being that when Jesus was on earth he paid taxes yet these church leaders do not pay taxes. Jesus paid taxes because he was not part of the Roman government. These church leaders do not pay taxes because they are part of government.

3. Western Legal System.
The legal system that runs in Kenya is based on the UK model which was basically borrowing Christian principles despite preserving the Roman body of Laws. When one does a thorough study of the laws of Kenya many of them have exemptions based on Sunday’s nature , being the day of worship for Christian churches. So such privilege protects the churches or elevates these State Religious bodies.
Today Christians are fearing Islam but it is the trouble and false doctrines within that they should worry about.One of them is giving politicians space to speak during the church service.It is time for worship but peole put their focus on the politican.A Christian who attends church frequently cannot speak a word but a politican gets to speak because he is more mighty or worthy to speak.

Some churches have had politicians officiate their gatherings and even contribute in building their church structures.The invitng of Preisendts in the things of God sounds like giving Casear what belongs to God .The focus is placed on Caesar hence the church becomes Caesar’s wife.No wonder Casear’s wife never paid taxes.

The false dominion gospel of having Christian Mps in Parliament is also a myth of separation of religion and state.How can you force a Christian Mp to impose Christianity in Parliamnet when the country has declared itself a secular state ?
Some of these Christian Mps serve also as Ministers of God in churches -what confusion is this -serving two masters at one time is not a Christian example of leadership.Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world yet you find Christians wanting to rule in the kingdoms of this world through politics using the name of Jesus in vain.Big shame.

This Political interference shows that religion is not separate from Stat e in Kenya.

This hypocrisy is nothing but counter a rising Islam with the wrong weapons. It is not the constitution that will convert ,Muslims to Christianity. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ THAT IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE CONSTITUTION .This gospel if preached in truth and power can change a nation by God’s will.

The spread of Islam is just being used as an excuse by these powers to justify the Church’s involvement in politics.Yet as Christians we are not fighting against the political powers or other religions but agisnt spiritual forces which can use the entities of the world

I do not dispute Islam’s spread.It is spreading beacuse the followers have made it a lifestyle when Christianity is the real true lifestyle that God honours.Yet I blame the spread on the Poor Christian leadership in the church which has focused on building their on kingdoms instead of preaching Jesus Christ and sound teachings of the New Testament church and dicscipleship.

What is happening is just a decoy to the real issues , a set up for the coming global political religious economic chaos that will rise and will call for global unity and peace in the name of the antichrist.
Truth be told these Christian leaders are nothing but politicians using the name of Jesus in vain.
Arthur Owiti