BENNY HINN AND CLARENCE C MCCLENDON DECEIVE AGAIN1. On THIS YOUR DAY program-May 27 TBN AFRICA, it was sad to see another duping of the saints. This time the topic was about the anointing of Elijah being not the anointing OF THE MAN BUT OF GOD which is true .However the thread of the discussion was basically THAT THEY ARE ELIJAHS in that the anointing is not about them but about God.

Now since it is about God one should sow in the ministry to watch God miraculous bless one because when they give it is God’s anointing they are connecting into.

Is this how God ordained Christian ministry to be performed-ministry where all ministers do is beg for money and preach about money blessing instead of encouraging the saints who are going through financial difficulties due to the economic recession ?

Why should a Christian be tempted to blame God when he receives nothing or little in return for what he has given unto Benny Hinn’s ministry.McClendon went on begging businessmen and not the poor lady watching Benny Hinn , to give and plant the seed for the anointing not for Benny Hinn.Covering up scandals with the anointing I presume.

Truly this TBN donations are like a lottery game where if the return of money is not fruitful, the Christian stops giving. But when the harvest is good one keeps on giving to the ministry to gain. We are to give freely and cheerfully and at times even when in poverty to our brethren in need not to pulpit TBN pimps that ask for money with mansions and luxurious lifestyles.

Elijah lived in the wilderness, yet these men who claim to be the modern Elijahs live in opulence. The difference shows whom they serve.

Praise the Lord show – TBN Africa, MAY 23, 2010. Could have been a repeat of the Joel Osteen night of hope in Los Angeles. All the same a lot of talk of favour and peace and INCREASE for all who attended.

It is the year of jubilee, you are a, you you. Remember the garden of Eden how Satan focused on you … You shall not die, You shall be like gods. Nice things to hear yet are they true.
These nice yous may sound sweet but are actually false visions of peace. Joel Osteen calls people to greatness not because of what Jesus did on the cross but on the basis of who they are.Titles penned by him include”Its YOUR Time “, YOUR best Life now, Become a Better YOU–this is worship of self and hope instead of worship of God.

As Christians it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me. Life is about Christ, walking like him and in him and for him. However Joel Osteen is teaching that Life is about You doing great in the world , feeling good and positive no mention of walking in holiness. No mention of the reality of great global depression which Jesus rightly prophesied would be present.

Encouragement and Comforting words are needed for the saints of God. However these words must be based on sound doctrine and the truth that those who are godly are also to suffer for Christ.

Glossing suffering with positive words is misleading people to destruction because they do not the reality and real cost of the faith they are in.

Despite the smiles and the shouts of increase and favor, TRIBULATION IS ON AND AFFLICTION IS INCREASING WORLDWIDE.IT IS GOING TO GO ON NO MATTER WHAT JOEL OSTEEN SAYS. It is better for you to build your faith with the word of God than destroy it with sweet lies.

Last week Praise the Lord show , TBN , with the help of Jack van Impe swiftly debunked the POST TRIBULATION STANCE. This is in light of the current disasters in the world that are increasing by the day.Jack Van Impe categorically declared that Christians will not go through the end time tribulation .He declared a blatant lie.

The truth is the Left Behind or Fly Away Rapture is just a Cinderella Peter Pan myth, to say the least.

Jesus said his return will be immediately AFTER THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS. The events of these last days will lead men ‘s hearts to fail, it is days of sorrows.Matt 24:29

But if TBN SAYS THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE DAYS OF SORROWS , wont people really get a shocker and every angry with TBN. This is what people do not want but it is the word of God and God wants us to hear it.

The words of Jesus brought sorrow to his disciples but he did not stop saying those things because he was speaking the words of God. Nevertheless he still encouraged them but in truth.


The last days call to Christians is a call to endurance in days of great tribulation:
Days of betrayal Days of earthquakes storms and extreme weather
Days of Abounding Iniquity Days of preaching the gospel
Days of false prophets and Christs Days of not loving God fervently
Days of Deaths-large scale Days of heavenly signs and wonders
Days of murder in God’s name Days of lies upon lies
Days of diseases Days of pleasure and busyness of life
Days wars Days of famine and hunger

Jack Van Impe is not telling Christians the truth. You have to endure these days to the end and you shall be saved. No flying away until one endures tribualtions and afflictions in this world in Christ and for Christ.
Arthur Owiti