Compiled by Arthur Owiti
NOTE: I am not a TBN fan or by having this section of writing I am not endorsing their teachings.
I am exposing the deceptive, spirit of the antichrist that is raging in that station and many other Christian stations. I pray these teachers and preachers repent because many of them have been deceived by theologies that have ruled in the church for years .However despite their stellar talents I will not keep silent when error is popping up and taking many like a tornado to hell.
Hence, I expose on the basis of God’s word to warn all to stop tuning to TBN and all Mammon Christian stations and start tuning into the word of God for truth. Be blessed.
Thursday Rod Parsely show TBN
“ Let us put aside our denominations and join ‘’ This is what Perry Stone encouraged as he was sharing about the end –times .
I respect Perry Stone’s teaching abilities and his massive body of biblical historical knowledge especially in line with the Jewish reality and Old Testament. However the Pre –Trib poison of Jack Van Impe seems to have caught on him also.

Though, it is his ecumenical tone that is very scary. He is claiming that the end time revival will be about throwing away denominations. However, the denominations will still need to be there just to preserve the coming harvest of the end time revival.
This is a perfect strain from Dominionism or Political Christianity where they are up to use so called Christian majority worldwide to establish God’s kingdom before Jesus’ return. It is not sound doctrine.
The bible is clear about the time when Christians will reign with Christ in Daniel Revelation 20.

However this chapter has been corrupted by the Catholic church which believes the Church is reigning with Christ right now and that they are presently ruling the world as Christ is ruling the earth from above and his return will be for an eternal rule of the world.

This shows that Evangelicals like Perry Stone and Rod Parsley are actually joining up with the Roman Catholic church to set up a one church system that rules the political and economic affairs of this world since according to Evangelicals it will be Dominionism and according to Catholics it will be just [part of the millennial rule of Christ.

Beware of such Political Christianity that use End time prophecies to obtain worldly political and economic power for their gain, when Satan is in the driving seat of such theology that will accept the Antichrist’s dominion.

On John Hagee Today, the advert put out was one of encouraging Christians to join in his end time campaign due to the current troubles that are taking the world by storm.

I agree with him that the hour is troublous. Look at the past three years, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq have had political turmoil of great magnitude.
Nigerian sectarian violence has been most cruel while other nations have suffered Economic disasters such as Greece and many parts of Europe, not forgetting the ongoing global economic quasi confused depression.

The Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Volcanic ash in Europe have revealed the vanity of man and the weakness of man despite his technological might. Despite having experts in many fields they cannot solve problems in their expertise. And if the crises were planned by man, their actions cannot match God’s coming judgments on the earth. He always has the last say in that section and it is most dreadful.

And Gaza is a political volcano waiting to erupt with terror threats at the window.
Yes a long list of troubles but Jesus prophesied that all these would happen..FEARFUL AND DISTRESSING AND SORROWFUL.

Guys do not want to hear those word s but refusal to mention them does not stop them from happening. The question is are we prepared to suffer for Christ because after this time of chaos as per Rev 6 ,WE WILL HAVE TO FACE DEATH FOR THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.
It is this question that John Hagee denies to raise since we will be raptured and not face the troubles that will face the Jews. This is an anti semitic lie and a trap which when it fails will lead many Christians to leave their faith because they believed left behind lies.

Sometimes I do not blame him, the Dispensational theology he and many Evangelicals have grown up under was utterly antichrist without their knowledge. This is how powerful deception is ;DECEPTION KNOWS NO TITLES, NO RANKS NOR STATUS.I cry that God opens his and all those who hold this false doctrine of no tribulation for saints because it defiles one’s faith.

From a close analysis of our TBN Watch, the thread we are seeing is that TBN has gone full gear on Bible Prophecy. This increased interest is give the following signs:

1. America is preparing for another war in Middle East that has to be Iran, North Korea and others as proxy wars
2. The One World System is going to arise out of Global chaos .
3. Things are going to get off track suddenly and the only ones who will have to give the answers globally will be the false prophets and false Christs.
These TBN guys seem to know something about the current global chaos. I think they are part of the schemers who are using their channel to trap many into the trap of the antichrist forces.

In Christ Jesus,
Arthur Owiti