By Arthur Owiti
This site has some truth but is also littered with deadly lies .One deadly lie is that people need to arm themselves with weapons against the NWO. And Sherry has decided to offer you who is against the NWO a water gun with special ingredients that can send the NWO forces packing.

Such antics reminded me of a Tanzanian medicine man who led a rebellion against the German colonial powers
Kinje Kitile was a Kolelo priest of the Kolelo cult who made fun of the Europeans in great eloquence and colour. However one must note that though these Kolelo cult believed in spirit mediums they still did not allow witchcraft. That is another topic for another day.

Kinje decided to arm his people with magical water( read Sherry’s Orgone water ) which was to be used to protect them from the bullets of the Germans .Somehow this belief really helped to maintain the rebellion but in the end we all know how such story ends. They were utterly crushed with the very guns they were so much trusting had no power over them.

With the current ranting of the true rise of NWO , many people are giving solutions to counter the Nwo. Alex Jones and company are always advertising items that are to protect people from the NWO onslaught. This is no different from the Kinje Kitile Ngwale who led rebellion against the colonialists.

However the colonialists won and the Bible is clear that the antichrist forces will overcome until Jesus returns to crush them.
Why is Sherry hiding the truth about the overcoming power of the antichrist ? Why does she hide the truth of tribulation for the saints ? MONEY AND CONTROL.

Like Kinje Kitile Ngwale, Sherry with her orgone water is tempting people to use magical water to protect them from enemy forces.Utter deception and utter failure.

Yes they may have done thorough research on NWO, Illuminati, Aliens and New Age but the question is when you see a little leaven on the bread will you still eat it ?Those lies being peddled in the name of truth will eventually cloud the truth that is vital for you to survive.

This is why the word of God,KJV , is the number one book of truth and it is error proof. Through it one is able to decipher what is false and what is true.The Holy Spirit who does not speak of himself is the Spirit of Truth who will show things to come .Listen to him.

But how can you listen if you do not look the word which he speaks .He speaks what he hears and he hears the word of God. Sacrifice time for the word of God to build your faith and not orgone guns that will just make you kill others but not kill the sin that will make you ,miss eternal life forever.

Even if one buys those weapons in the end the scriptures have to be fulfilled on what has been said to happen. Physical weapons cannot protect you from a government and forces that are being inspired by Stan and his antichrist.
Big shame that people lie just for money. He who kills by the sword shall die by the sword- and that is and end time truth.



On one of the reruns of Days of Glory on TBN Africa , Rodney Browne mentioned how they won souls during their East London revival. However one statement blew me off my seat ;Rodney declared that during their soul winning walk they won many souls with the help of some professional soul winners whom he came with to help the other soul winners form that home area.

I thought to myself …where is that in the New Testament church. Are soul winners supposed to be professional or filled with the Holy Spirit ?

This slip of the tongue from Rodney Browne has revealed what is happening in today’s Christianity.
Many Christian leaders have exalted professionalism and talent over the word of God. This has aided in their money collection sprees where people are forced to cover expenses because they hired” professionals”.
So we have :

Professional Pastors

Professional Praise and Worship leaders

Professional Ushers

Professional Encouragers

Professional Soul winner

Professional Prophet


This doctrine is antichrist and antichurch since when believers worked together we are all gifted differently according to the proportion of our faith. Hence we share with one another and participate with one another .

But as far as this professional thing comes up the need of the other brethren vanishes and a new class of elites is created or those who are only allowed to do those things will succeed.

This shuts out the Holy Spirit out of the church and brings in the Abilities of Man as the inspiration of Christian bodies and churches. This doctrine enthrones money over the power of the Holy Spirit because the church will always look for money to pay the [professionals than to pray to God to fill the ministers with the Holy Spirit.

No wonder Jesus picked people outside the religious professional establishment as his disciples. The Pharisees knew this when they saw the boldness of fishermen who spoke boldly about Jesus after his ascension.

And even Paul when he was converted, called all his religious professionalism dung that he may win Christ. These professional titles of the world block many from receiving from God. Paul did not put confidence in being a” professional Pharisee” God gave him the grace to do with his ministry.

People do not get saved because of one ;s professional skills but because of the work of the holy Spirit who convicts the person of sin , righteousness and judgment.

Yet the church is a spiritual body led by the Holy Spirit and ,made of holy Spirit filled Christians and not professionals .Professionals are trained to do physical things .So is Rodney telling us that today’s church is more physical than spiritual ?- I believe so .

By Arthur Owiti