Entertainment is the biggest business in the world today because of the number of people it has captured at one go. But as we all know, big money gets big control and people still love control and to control others. Thus the ruling elite of the world, like the old European colonialists, are making their global control effective by employing new missionaries called Hollywood, entertainment and sports notwithstanding the Prosperity Gospel, False Signs and Wonders Missionaries.

As one Christian analyst put it, recreation is good; it is healthy for family growth and in providing different learning avenues. Through soccer one can learn about teamwork as they are being entertained. Songs can have a powerful message for society. There are many movies such as Raid on Entebbe and Hotel Rwanda the that can lead one to research on issues that affect the world.

However the danger is, this same recreation can replace one’s relationship with God and study of his word hence becomes an Idol. Sadly this danger has become global and more so in Africa it is taking many people by storm.

The pleasantries these forms of influence offer are very enticing. First of all they require passivity or little activity; just your eyes and ears and these pleasantries will give you at first happiness and next they will have your heart in the end if you have no self control.

No wonder people can end friendships because of a game of soccer or get involved in arguments or to some extreme extents in the West lead to people committing suicide. Why ? The heart has been taken captive by the very things that pleased the eyes and ears.

From the mid 60s American movies made their run in Africa through social halls and other meeting spots in the towns. The movies were action packed and mostly cow boy heroes littered the small TV screens.
Indian movies and Other Chinese movies joined the American Hollywood missionary in the late 80s to widen the variety for the viewers. Slowly the TV left the town halls and now was found in the homes of those who could afford.

This missionary stayed in Africa until Africa ‘matured’ in film making. Nigeria gave birth to Nollywood and now Africans had the license to entertain themselves. No sooner had the Nigerian revolution gripped Africa than other African countries started making home grown movies.

This has happened just when TVs are no longer seen as a luxury but as necessity .Many in the dark villages of Africa are acquiring TV set one by one or the TV halls restaurant businesses are now standard venues of television and DVD viewership.

In Kenya , the government last year removed taxes on media material such as TV cameras, to encourage Movie culture as a source of employment. Not a bad move in terms of employment but a bad move in terms of moral transformation or opening the door for bad influence.

Despite the good information one has acquired about society through these outlets, the bad outweighs the good by millions of kilograms.
Fantasy life, Greed for money and riches and grandiosity is encouraged by these movies. Young people seek to look and dress even beyond Mtv levels .

On the side of spirituality, belief and fear of the occult and voodoo have been heightened and the Africa- is –Cursed Doctrine /African- Christians- are Cursed theology is thriving because of movies that emphasize on such issues but no emphasis on the true gospel. Though there are few that have hit out against Prosperity Gospel but they are rare since almost all movies idolize Prosperity.

Sports have been part of all communities since time immemorial and are very helpful for physical health. The missionary aspect is not about sports but about the politicization of sports as Shaun Wilcocks puts it here at

Big businessmen are pouring money into the sports arena because of the number of people who love sports and the fact that sports will always be inelastic especially in a world of increasing financial stress and strain.
The problem about this money funding is that the reality of Sports is crushed in the name of money. Good African players play away from African teams with European counterparts who do not come to play in African clubs. How can Africans expect to win if their teams are dormant due to separation yet the European counterparts are always together in and out world cup ? MONEY

The Bible is clear that the love of money is the root of all evil. Corruption is present even in games such as football. Games take in consideration the number of fans that have come from a certain area. The more the fans the more leniency and mercy for your team.

However most do not care and watch the games to gain pleasure only. Sadly this pleasure does not hide the poverty that ravishes the country and the corruption of political leaders.In the end Profit and Power is the blood of these missionaries .

Idolatry /Hero Worship is Encouraged = People end up worshipping the best actor or actress or singer or player. These idols are just a shadow to the coming man of sin when one man will be seen as God even. Moreover self is idolized in these pleasantries as the victory of the player or actor shows the viewer that their own abilities can be depended upon for one to succeed.

Ignorance of Real Issues = People are blinded to the real rot that is taking place in society. In fact studies have shown that such entertainment numbs the ability to estimate the gravity of issues affecting society. Elites plan for wars and fight as the people are distracted. Remember the Georgia conflict with Russia took place during Olympics- Rome burns while the people fiddle and dance.

In conclusion these false missionaries (like most of the former religious missionaries in pre colonial Africa) are to mainly numb the people before the grand implementation of their political bosses,in our case the Global elite take the position of the European colonialist who used both good and false Christian missionaries.In the past the cross followed the flag.Today the TV/Electronic Media follows the flag. (both Apostate Christian and Secular Media ).

Global Unity is encouraged through movies and world sporting events when it is actual Global control by the elite.

These missionaries are just working at soothing the masses to control and blinding them to the real power supporting them; a ruling power that does not care about people but only money and power. That is not entertaining, that is evil.

Grace and Peace,

Arthur Owiti