Jesus /Horus/Nimrod – The Pagan Jesus is Another Jesus

Another Jesus will always lead to another gospel and another gospel leads to another spirit.
Thus it is right to say that most of Christendom has another Jesus,the most popular being the Pagan Jesus.

Sadly many atheists and anti- Christians or ex-Christians use the Pagan Jesus to justify their alleged
claim that Christianity is a false or just a pagan religion.They ignore the accuracy of the Old Testament
prophecies and paint broadly another Jesus with loose similarities of other pagan Messiahs ignoring particular details such
as Jesus being the promised seed of David and Abraham who would be a blessing to the nations.

Jesus Christ is God and he fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of the prophets of old,validating the
truth of the scriptures.He was not a fluke and neither could prophets spread out over time conspire
to forge such prophecies.They were filled with the Holy Spirit,the only writers with the apostles,whose writings
are inspired by the eternal God.


This is a Jesus who was created by the already existing pagan and Gentile myths mixed with crafty theology of the Roman Catholic church led by Constantine.
Constantine was a pagan worshiper who claimed that Christianity was the tool he needed to conquer
Europe,thanks to a vision of the cross in the sky.

Whether the vision was real or not is not the question .The issue is what Christianity he sanctioned after being “converted”.
Was it Biblical or Pagan ?He ordered churches to sit down and solve their theological differences and hence the institution of the Christmas holiday
the institution of Sunday worship and institution of Lent,Good Friday and Easter celebration.

All this and much more was done without changing the name of the body from being called a church.

The early church of Acts is DIFFERENT from this Constantine body because of the new additions by Constantine.
The Catholic church is guilty of stealing the name church when making significant alterations to the real body
that bears that name.

These man made additions created another Jesus who is actually just a replacement of the many gods of other
Gentile religions.From Nimrod ,to Horus the Pagan Jesus has an exalted mother ,a status which is not
established by the apostles of the early church.


The Pagan Jesus is said to be born on Dec 25 or was given the date Dec 25.This is a ploy to make many people worship the Horuses and Nimrods
of false Gentile religion.

The Biblical Jesus was not born in December and there is no scriptural instruction to set aside a day to celebrate his birth.

The Pagan Jesus died on Good Friday and rose on Easter Sunday.That is equal to three days and two nights.

The Biblical Jesus died on Wednesday Nisan 14,just as the Lamb and rose again after three days and three nights, the exact time line he gave of which does not end up on Easter Sunday but Saturday.

The Pagan Jesus special day of worship is Sunday since he rose on that day.

Since the Biblical Jesus did not rise on Sunday ,there is no new instruction to worship him specially on Sunday.The Sabbath was not changed.However
one is not saved because he keeps the Sabbath.

A Pagan Jesus cannot forgive your sins nor give freedom and has no spirit of truth hence contradicts the word of God.
A Pagan Jesus sadly cannot baptize one with the Holy Spirit who is the seal of inheritance and without the Holy Spirit one can do nothing.
One cannot bear fruit hence will be cast out into the fire .This is why Jesus said that the way to destruction is broad and that many will be deceived in the guise of using his name.

Just because one uses the name of Jesus does not mean that they are leading one to heaven.In fact may will go to hell hiding under the name of Jesus.

A return to the Biblical Jesus is possible when one deserts the false doctrines of Christendom and leaves any church that holds a false Jesus who contradicts
the real Jesus of the bible.

In Christ Jesus,
Arthur Owiti