Ecumenism and the End of “ Evangelical Independence”

Arthur Owiti June 22 2010

Just as the globalists are gradually establishing a one world government where borders and boundaries are no longer barriers of governance and economy and sovereignty is seen as an hindrance, Ecumenism is the religious arm where denominations and doctrine are no longer barriers of religion.
What people need to know is that globalization is not necessarily equality of nations but the grand centralization of power. Thus Centralization does not mean Independence. In fact nations will no longer be sovereign on paper at least.

Moreover another subtle ploy by the globalists is the use of their global principles in all spheres of society.

Political Principles are applied in Religion and Economy. Political Coalitions are equivalent to Business Mergers and Christian Denomination Alliances. Political superstars are equal to the world’sRichest men and Religious Tsars.

Thus as in Politics, Centralization is inevitable in the religious sphere. Ecumenism seeks for unity which they claim shows equality of religions and faiths. What they are not talking about or revealing is the central power that is binding all religions together.

1. The World Council of Churches
2. The National Council of Churches
3. Inter Religious Forums

These bodies have branches in practically every country. Most of the members are Mainline Denominations with Protestant Denominations joining the fray.
However the new kid on the Ecumenical block is the Evangelicals.
They are new because up till now most Evangelical churches are not part of these bodies. This is due to the immense freedom that characterizes the Evangelical movement. Anyone can set up a church which is Evangelical.
However as the globalist plan is to control freedom to tyrannical levels, the freedom in the Evangelical church is being brought down by the Ecumenical movement.


Most of the Evangelical Leadership has betrayed their flock by selling them to Ecumenical theology which is anti -doctrine and thoroughly Babylonian in that it is based on relativism and pluralism hence anti Christ hence Satan’s doctrine.]

Knowing very well that most Evangelicals left Mainline denominations telling them to do the same things they left behind would definitely amount to a walkout. So subtility and deception became the name of the game employed by Evangelical leaders

Alliances such as Evangelical Alliances, Federation, Coalition (notice that these terms are also used in politics) are used to catch Evangelical churches .Then covertly , the heads of these bodies and alliances become members of Ecumenical movements such as WCC behind the backs of the flock and other gullible pastors.
When an agenda from the Ecumenists is sent forth it is preached to Evangelicals as the direction for the Evangelical Church from the Lord when actually it is just agendas sent from Rome.

One cannot convince us that the National Council of Churches Kenya does not receive orders from the National Council of Churches based in Europe. Thus Ecumenism is a subtle form of Spiritual Colonialism.
Thus Ecumenical African churches are Ecumenical Western churches which are under the Globalists plan to rule the world. A proper Matrix … a pyramid.
Therefore Evangelical churches which are allied to such bodies and alliances end up preaching what their masters want. If it is political Christianity they will keep the flow.

The Ecumenists are out to establish full control on all religious people hence its lifeline of tolerance which is false love and false peace. If they were concerned about Christianity they would have made a clarion call for people to return to genuine faith and that is through the doctrine of Christ and the Apostles.

However all we hear is that they want Christians to unite for peace with other religions. No mention of a return to the faith which comes by hearing by the word of God.

They are trapping Evangelicals with the cover of protecting morals and conservative values when they do not care about these values. They will only preach them when they foresee that doing so would guarantee them control of the masses.

Arthur Owiti