How did a Communist country succeed in a Capitalist world ? Well, whoever has the answer to that should also confirm that China is now the official Globalist’s blueprint for all countries to follow–Totalitarian Capitalist- Communist rule ;in plain English Fascism.

Many policies in Africa are resembling Chinese policies or are being forced down the throat of African states. Chinese policies are actually Globalist policies.

1.Depopulation—– This is the number one policy being shoved don many African countries. From abortion to circumcision to family planning methods to homosexuality, these tools are being employed to cull the mighty population of Africa .It is however hypocritical to say that depopulation is the cause of Africa’s underdevelopment when the same advisers actually made harmful policies against Africa.

This depopulation program is being run ion the pretext that China has developed because it has been able to control its population. Yet it is the same China that is now complaining of having more old people that\n young people.

All the same countries like Rwanda are employing two- child policy while others subtly impose high taxes on g\big families
to discourage people from growing big families.

2. Criminal Punishment
China is infamous for death penalties and harsh prison sentences and labour camps. One form of punishment, the firing squad has been re-adopted recently by USA .Corruption and drug trafficking are punishable by death.

To show how deeply ingrained the China example is being desired in Africa one has to look at the comment of a Christian Mp from East Africa. Mr Nsaba Buturo declared the swift need to impose the firing squad in Africa for crime such as corruption. Soon he will be shooting political dissenters.

Yet China ,despite its desire to punish criminals has a very poor record of human rights. With dissent and criticism being painted as a crime, there is hardly any political freedom in China .Moreover countless of Christians have suffered State instigated persecution denying them the right freedom of worship and association .

I am afraid the globalists desire all nations to follow the police state nature of China .This is because it consolidates control and stifles dissent .Thus you have a totalitarian government in place. How interesting that this is the plan of the globalists- to have a global totalitarian system where dissent is a hate crime.

Since unjust states tend to be very insecure, censorship is the order of the game. Thus the internet is the enemy of a police state as freedom of speech entails sharp criticism against the state and hard facts prove the rot of the State. To control this State the powers that be go out of their way to censor any material that can be deemed as dangerous to national security. Since when did truth ever become dangerous when lies just delay the inevitable consequences of reality.


Though the West dominated Africa in all spheres, it is the commumnist ideaology that rocked Africa to independence. The writings of Lenin fodder for African leaders .Maoist dogma is still held as a feasible idea by some African scholars that should aid in Africa in this time when Africa is seeking its own identity.

However after the dawning of independence one sees that the communist garb was just smooth talk to cover the real practical which was capitalism .Pure socialists were nationalists and desired to see Africa rise out of colonial oppression .However they were killed or discarded one by one since the script of globalization was never about ideologies alone but ACQUISITION OF WEALTH AND POWER. Therefore leaders like Nkrumah and Nyerere were mocked.

The globalist script was calling for nationalism on the lips but capitalism in the heart and this is what drowned Africa into warring states without economic progress plagued by inept leaders bound in corruption and greed. This is what drives China in its so called growth and dominance.

The One Party system which is clearly a mark of Chinese politics was rampant in Africa and still is. However its current existence is very subtle and so hidden .One only needs to look at the issues which join warring democratic sides to agree with one an other. When it comes to raising salaries ,the opposition and ruling sides become one party state. When it comes to acquiring power they agree to disagree provided they gain power. No ideologies drive these parties, only greed and sharing of national loot and implementing the one world government of the elites.

However just like China ,ethnic differences are prevalent and there are pockets of rebellion in different corners .However all these are forced to face a State which is committed to destroy any rising opposition to its rule.

The swift rise of China has changed the face of world politics and economy that it is evident that a shift is coming to balance power. However its meteorical rise is perfectly planned by the new world order elitists to justify the establishment of totalitarian governments and in total a one world totalitarian world government.

Arthur Owiti