The Gradual Rise of the Global Beast System

As Kenyans brace themselves with mobile phone SIM card registration one cannot help but scrutinize the swift way in which technology has transformed the lives of many and the way things are done. This technological colonization was aforementioned in the bible where everyone shall be coerced to be be bound to be part of one economic system. The Registration Tool is useful in making such a system a reality.

Registration is not new as from the ancient times people have always been recording particulars and counting populations for their own varied purposes whether economic or political.

However today’s form of registration paints a picture of too much control on the populace which is at variance with the rights of the individual. For some reason security measures have superseded freedom rights and this is not a good sign.

Unlike the West , Africa has not depended on registration as a way of instilling order in society. In the past, communalism was the way Africans instilled order.
Everyone was part of the community and thus knew others .Even though they had tax collections systems , registration was not the prime way of controlling society but communal customs and laws.

With Western colonization grabbing the whole world , Western systems of governance were imposed on the conquered nations. Thus registration was one mark that was imposed on the populace. The Kipande ID system in Kenya was used on the locals and not the foreigners because the locals were considered aliens while the foreigners were considered locals ( LOL ).

Thus ID registration was a system to control the lower classes who were considered a menace to the governments at that time.

After Independence the ID system was entrenched as public policy where nationals were to have an identity card to prove citizenship to get a job. This did not happen in a jiffy but as time went on and the populations increased the need for having a public roll was considered neccessary.It was just a gateway for the government to invade the lives of their citizens.

Later on land titles ,birth certificates, driving licenses were all necessities. In fact as we write, top UN promoters such as Madeline Albright and Hernando De Soto have declared that the reason why Africa is behind yet it has Western structures is because it has failed to make registration a part of public policy.

Well that is just proof enough to show that the Western elite is after control of the world and the only way that is achievable is when you know how many enemies you have.

All in all registration means one is bound to government control which is not entirely bad but can be used for very dangerous reasons that can jeopardize the ways of the large citizenry.

With the onset of Computer technology the mobile phone has made its inroads in Africa. However one thing that it has opened up the people to is electronic economics and electronic politics.

Safaricom, the most successful mobile phone company has merged with Equity Bank of Kenya to create M-Kesho which is basically mobile phone banking at its best.
One cannot be wrong to say that Safaricom is a quasi bank if not a bank.

The magnitude of this venture is that one’s mobile phone number is equals to his bank account number. Thus the sim card is a bank because the sim card is what makes a phone number and not the other way round.

Moreoever, Electricty companies , Water companies now encourage their customers to use their mobile phone to access their accounts and water and electrity bills.

The mobile phone is doing wonders .Everything is paid for on one device. But is the phone or the SIM CARD ? We know it is the sim card which matters .


.Many companies will have the personal information of many people. Hence these companies are the new Government registrars
.Sim card technology enables tracking of people very easy hence it is an ID card
.Cash will be invisible since all you need for a transaction is your sim card
.We will be living in a heavily Bank controlled society.
.Since mobile phone companies work with the Police this means these companies are the new Government police-Electronic Police

So in essence we see that all this is possible with the sim card- so soon it is almost unbelievable.


The Bible in Rev 13 talks about a mark that will be necessary for buying and selling and that those without it will not only be rejected but killed.
The scriptures are clear that one has to have the MARK, to do the buying and selling.

It goes on to say that it is the number of the beast and that the name of the beast also is the number of the mark.

A look at the historical transition from the ID number to the SIM card number is enough proof that we are at the prophetic threshold of REv 13


All this information can be stored in one chip as small as a grain of rice.

What is left is for the sim card to be IN your body-head or hand. This is evidenced by the so called Verichip of Positive ID which will replace
sim card technology and visa cards because they can be stolen ;unlike the human body which for one to steal from you they will have to kill you.

Well do not worry ;by wearing a chip one can track you and see all your movements – who will kill you ?


Thus today there are many crimes concerning murder and kidnapping. Some of them are planned crimes so as to justify the “beastly need” to identify everyone and track everyone’s movements for security issues.

Anyone who refuses that mark or tracking system will be deemed anti security and a criminal.

Christians should know that they will not be killed per se because of being a Christian. They will be killed for not taking the mark of the beast because by rejecting it one is refusing to submit to the Antichrist government and worship of the antichrist.

Remember that fighting against the government is treason and treason is a capital offence. Hence the antichrist killers will think they are killing people in the name of God: people who have refused to give to Caesar what belongs to him.

To commit genocide one has to justify the killing with ideology, religion or law..Under the Antichrist rule it will be justified for the Christians who will reject the system, will be deemed Heretics, State traitors and a threat to national security by not submitting to the Antichrist system of control .

In summary one has to be careful and hate the world NOW and the things in it. Be prepared for a change in lifestyle and career.
If it s easy for you to register your mobile phone for your mobile phone account , chances are high that you will take a chip\ mark to get to the same account . BEWARE and Trust in the Lord.

Arthur Owiti




As Kenyans are being implored to register their mobile phones with their respective phone service providers,I for one will not register with them for a number of reasons.


When I bought my sim card there was no condition to register with the phone company my sim card with my identity card.The moment I bought my line I was the new owner of the sim card and I should service it when I want.

By them threatening to switch off the line for failure to register WITHOUT ANY LAW BACKING THIS ACTION,
mobile phone companies are not only stealing but stealing by force hence robbing.Thus without a law ,which puts out the aim of registration, the registartion is either illegal or a decree.Hence Kenya is beginning to be dictatorial and tyrannical in its governance.( it has been a dictatorship from colonial     times up til today)


These days banking is technological.As long as you do not have phone you cannot have financial transactions with anyone thanks to the M-pesa Revolution where mobile phones have become mobile banks.

However reality is that some people do not have mobile phones just as very few have computers.These poor have been marginalized
for long and are now social outcasts.

By demanding such poor people to register you are indirectly asking  the people to get ID cards.In Kenya as long as you do not have an ID Card or Passport,you are not a Kenyan and your rights can be denied .

Thus the phone registration is a subtle ploy to deny people their rights to communicate which will later lead to the denial of basic
rights to  the denial of the right to live.

Though I disagree with John Hagee’s teachings one hing he said that is true is that”the Mobile Phone is the god of the life of many people”.The registration of mobile phones is clear proof of that.

The effect of this process is that there will be two types of Kenyans- the unregistered and registered hence dividing the country into two sides perfect to cause conflict. A divide nation will fall.

Not only that ,the middle class is evaporating as the working class dies being punished wrongly for not understanding technology their salaries cannot afford them computers hence technological illiteracy.

Thus the working class are being deemed a redundant later which will ostracize them and lead to their destruction.


The Mobile Phone companies boast that they have been able to help police in capturing kidnappers because they can track them sim card technology.

Good, now the companies are playing harlot with the Government who loves registering people just to control them.By registering your sim card one is calling for your physical tracking.

This has made the Mobile Phone companies policemen.This registration is the birth of the Electronic Police where the Mobile Phone companies have merged with the Government and Police.Kenya has become a Police State without a bullet or gunshot.


Lastly, I will not register my sim card basing my choice on the camel principle.The Camel wanted to enter the tent so it asked for permission from those within to just put its head inside.They allowed it to do so though they expressly said only his head and not his body could come in.

Next was the neck then the hump then the second hump.Before long, it had its whole body in the tent.

They have started with

1.kipande ID system in the  50s—- they only had one’s name attached to a number
2.National ID System in the 90s—– they only had one’s name attached to his photo and a number
3.Sim Card Registration 2010———they want one’s sim card attached to his photo and ID number
4.Body Chip 2015 ??——– they want your trackable sim card in your body= SLAVERY

Remember slaves were always marked on their body such as Israelie slaves were marked on the ear for control.

If you have gone through stage 2 -3 ,what will stop you from stage 4 ?
I would rather reject slavery at stage 3.

This is not only happening in the mobile phone life.It is happening on the Internet.Twitter is joining with Facebook with WordPress.
That means all these people have a data bank of people’s personal information.

However people lie about their ages hence the need for ID system which gives actual dates.

Now if you are a Kenyan surfer who surfs on your mobile phone with Twitter connected to Facebook, guess how many Big Brothers you have?
How many Police are watching you —

1. Mobile Phone Company
2. Kenya Police with joined by the Mobile Phone companies
3. National Cohesion Commission aided by the Mobile Phone companies
4.Facebook who can join with FBI, CIA who join with Interpol
5.Twitter who can join with FBI, CIA who join with Interpol

The Government now fully controls the people  through all the above agencies.
This is not about stopping criminals.This is about other people having information they are not supposed to have .There is no freedom for the good citizens.

Why are these mobile phone companies burgeoning good innocent people with criminals.If they have been catching the criminals without sim card registration they should continue that way.

Besides justice brings righteousness.But where there is no justice ,even when control and law and order is instilled people will still be criminal if not worse.

Many have forged ID cards, many have false information on their ID cards so the issue is not about information but electronically tracking people for control.

Most of all Rev 13 reveals that the system of the Antichrist will control buying and selling .Control of buying and selling through mobile phone registration has begun just like the sly camel entered the tent when the dwellers did not want its body inside the tent in the first place.

We shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony and we will not love our lives even unto death.

Arthur Owiti