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Bishop Margaret loses her seat


By Arthur Owiti

The Defeat’s 5 Revelations

Bishop,Honourable,Dr Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministry (JIAM ) has lost her Starehe Constituency seat after the HIgh court ruled in favour of Election petitioner Maina Kamanda.Maina through the court petition claimed that he lost the seat
unfairly during the 2007 elections giving Wanjiru the seat.

This decision means that a by election is on the way .However apart from a by election ,the decision is a big blow to the Prosperity Queen who is also part of Kenya’s Executive branch of government by being an Assistant Minister of Housing.
This episode reveals many issues.


Many Christians are convinced that politics can be sanctified by Christians when they join into it because they have the blood of Jesus as a cover.However Margaret Wanjiru’s debacle has revealed how dirty politics is and that it is impossible for a Christian to stay clean and win in politics and gain Christ at the same time.

Bishop Margaret with Politician William Ruto

I speak ,having close relations with those who are regular attendants of Wanjiru’s church.

Before the election, “Bishop” Wanjiru told her congregants to get voter’s cards and vote in Starehe Constituency.The illegality
of that move was that most of her congregants were not from Starehe and thus by them voting in Starehe when they were
not constituents they were involving themselves in election fraud.

One who attended her church told me that she refused to be involved in such because she was from another part of Nairobi
and she knew the illegality of such an action.However most voted in Starehe when they were not from Starehe.

On the day of election Bishop Wanjiru’s supporters were involved in clashes with Maina Kamanda’s supporters.
The violence was one of the sparks that brought tnesion and bloodshed in Nairobi during the bllody elections of 2007-2008.

After being declared winner Bishop Wanjiru not only got a parliamentary seat but a Ministerial position.
However a faceless sister in Christ sent a mesage that was published by one of the Kneyan Christian newspapers
that those religious leaders who misused the name of Jesus in politicking will not see the next election in 2012 in that
they that won seats will lose them .

Nonetheless Bishop Wanjiru rewarded some of her supporters some of whom were prayer warriors ,with positions such
as councillors in Starehe.These poor( economically impoverished ) were rewarded to their joy.It is then that Maina Kamnada petitioned against Ms Wanjiru.The petition has taken 3 years.

Bishop/Queen Margaret Wanjiru from nationmedia

Though she is no stranger to controversy, this incident really reveals how politics involves dirty tricks and a lot of violence
which is not the domain of any Christian leader or follower.

The blood of Jesus was shed for people and not for US dollars or Politics.The blood of Jesus sanctifies sinners not creatures of man such as
politics and money. Ms Wanjiru was warned not to meddle in Politics in the name of Jesus and apply
his blood over it.The fruits have been revealed.


The jubilation that has filled parts of Nairobi is enough evidence of the beginning of the end of the Evangelical prosperity Movement.

During the court sessions the people supporting Kamanda boldly called her a witch who uses witchcraft and also branded the same to her prayer warriors that attended the court sessions.

I do not support false accusation but such statements reveal the hatred and disrespect people have for Prosperity preachers.

Many Kenyans are not impressed by the greed that has been exuded by these preachers,Our cry is that they repent
of this gospel before it is too late.

She is the seventh Mp to lose her seat and thus go for a by election .This is telling.

The electoral system of 2007 was a big sham and shame in that malpractices carried the day.this will make many Kenyans be very suspicious of nay election
and accept that they are nothing but shams.


Ms Wanjiru is one of the main leaders against the proposed constitution.this week she was busy rallying thousands of Evangelical pastors against the document.

This episode will definitely throw the pastors in a frenzy as some will retreat as others will be radicalized telling their followers
that the government is out to kill their political morale hence they should vote against the proposed constitution to show support for Wanjiru.

Instead of Pastors going to softly sit Bishop Wanjiru down and rebuke her brand of Political and Prosperity Gospel ,they are still going to rally with her.

It is a shame that discernment has been thrown out of the window in the name of politics and dominionism.


During the Prayer cum Political Rally where six innocent Kenyans lost their lives, Bishop Margaret made a decree from the book of Daniel 4 against politicians who abused the church leaders as false prophets She said ” those who speak against the servants of God in the past we have forgiven.But from today henceforth whoever speaks against the prophets of God his kingdom will collapse “.

Now some thought this was fulfilled when Raila Odinga was recently hospitalized.However I wonder what she can say now that she is faced with a by election on her hands when here followers have been fasting day in day out not for holiness or for mercy but for her seat and Christian politics.

Bishop Wanjiru needs to know that the Doctrine of Jezebel which is the doctrine of joining with the things of the world such as Politics and Money is evil and this court decision is an opportunity for her to repent and return to the true doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Christians need to know that the Prosperity Gospel and Political Christianity IS NOT SOUND DOCTRINE OR THE TEACHINGS JESUS CHRIST.

Repent of holding such teachings and the Lord will receive you as his own.

In Christ
Arthur Owiti