The rise of Philanthro-Capitalism or the use of Celebrity as the new ambassadors of peace and justice is quite a phenomenal event in .There is no hidden agenda or conspiracy as most know that these celebrities are rising as new political powerhouses .

However they also serve as a good blanket cover for the real powers that are behind them.
Haiti-born hip hopper Wyclef Jean wants to run for presidency in Haiti . He is being driven by his desire for equal rights for all. One can remember his songs that echoed a lot about justice. However did Wyclef make himself or was he made ?

The same applies to Liberian George Weah, a famous ex -soccer player who wants to compete with current President Ellen Sirleaf for the Liberian presidency next year.

An array of stars have been accorded political positions such as UN ambassadors , Peace-makers etc. From Oprah Winfrey to George Clooney to Bill Gates to Angelina Jolie all of these have been the face of “ Compassionate Capitalism”.
This however is a repeat if history.

Before the Political Wing of The British Imperialists finally conquered Africa, the Religious and Economic Wings came and softened the masses some of whom accepted their wooings. Once they got to know the natives and established their bases, the Political Wing arrived and used either diplomacy or military might to establish their rule.

The flag was behind the cross yesterday, the flag is behind Hollywood today or is it the dollar is behind the Music.
These celebrities no doubt do a lot of great stuff such as setting up orphanages ,hospitals and financing many projects in Africa.

What is extremely wrong is that one hand is giving goodies while the other hand is giving weapons. The same elite finance projects for the good of humanity ,the same elite finance wars and genocide.

If these celebrities were genuine they would speak against the same powers that are financing their endeavors . However they are truthfully showing you that they cannot say everything because they are not working for their own volition ,but are subjected to other powers.

Arthur Owiti