Ecumenism is an Evil, Blasphemous Doctrine.

This is to warn all especially Africans not to endorse the Global Peace Festival/ Convention that will take place in Nairobi ,Kenya later this year in November.The peace these people are talking about is peace without Jesus Christ which is a false peace.

The whole project is so subtly good one can think that these guys are for sure just and good.They are calling for people to serve one another in love,throw away divisions of hatred and love- a good message eh ?

But just because they do such good works ,one should look at what doctrine they hold.

The deeds are good but the doctrine is blasphemous.It rejects Jesus Christ as God and claims that all religions are one
before God and that we are all brothers and sisters,”One Family under God –sounds like the American Dominionist “One nation under God”.

Dr Moon who is promoting and funding this event has not recanted the satanic teachings of his Father who believes
he is the Messiah and that the kingdoms of this world shall be under his dominion.

So effective is their mission that they have grasped more than 10 nations in every continent spreading Ecumenism and Antichrist peace.


Ecumenism is a venture that seeks to first unite all Christian denominations together then bring this bloc to unite with other religions of this world.They claim that they are the answer to Jesus prayer for Unity in John 17.

However Jesus was not talking about this unity of denominations because he is not divided .Moreover,Unity of Religions
is impossible when Jesus Christ is put in the equation because other religions unequivocally declare Jesus is not God
nor is he the only begotten son of God.THIS IS ANTICHRIST BLASPHEMY.

Churches that join this Ecumenism bandwagon are declaring that Jesus is not God.They also reject the Holy Spirit because one can only have the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ.

Ecumenism rejects the Holy Scriptures as the truth because they are many biblical passages that are contrary to the entire belief systems of other religions.So what these churches do is downplay the scriptural authority and put their compromising opinions as the basis of truth.Truth is relative according to them.According to God truth is his word which is one ,which is Jesus Christ.


Non believers are inspiring and funding this movement.I wonder why so called Christians leaders and denominations can join a group of non Christians to worship God .Oh, maybe they have something in common.But it is not Jesus Christ, so what is it ?

1.The Moonies- through Sun Myung Moon’s son Hyung Moon through the Global Peace Festival
2.The Aga Khan – calls for Islam to join with other religions
3.Prince Charles of Wales- wants to be the Defender of faiths not The Faith-yet there is only one true faith.
4.The Saudi King Abdullah- through the Interfaith Dialogue and the Abrahamic Faiths
5.The UN and many other bodies.

Most of these bodies as stated above are royal families and monarchies and empires that are stinking rich with billions of dollars.It is a shame that Churches are being beguiled by such monies in the name of Ecumenism.

Most of all ecumenism helps the Catholic church which believes she is the only true church.Thus when Christian denominations join the Catholic church in unity and tolerance ,they are declaring that she is the only universal church (the real meaning of the Catholic church)

By the way the Universal / catholic church rhymes with Moon’s Unification church, who also supports Archbishop Millingo whose Married Priests Now call their churches Ecumenical.

Beware, this is one world religion in action that is actually worship of the Antichrist ,hence worship of Satan.

Arthur Owiti