Kenya’s top political,economic and religious elite are working together with Dr.Hyung Moon who is ,apart from being a founder of the ecumenical Global Peace festival, successor of Dr Sun Myung Moon of the Moonies cult.All this is being done in the name of peace.

Below Dr Hyung Moon with from the left Kenya’s Anglican archbishop,Rich Businessman Manu Chandaria and the President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki.

Religious Elite, Business Elite, Political Elite pose with Dr Hyung Moon of Global Peace festival of Moonies cult..ANTICHRIST SPIRIT HAS GRIPPED CHURCHES,POLITICIANS BUSINESSMEN IN KENYA IN BROAD DAYLIGHT

This is not the first time since Rich Cults have invaded the elites of the world.In 2006, Dr Sun Moon was crowned “King ” by American congressmen in the Capitol!He also has been known for funding the American Religious Right,people such as the late Jerry Falwell,Tim La Haye of the false Left Behind etc.

Thought that Kenya was the only one affected ?? America has been swimming in the dollars of Dr Moon for years ,see the picture above from writer John Gornfeld who has studied Dr Moon inside out.

Meanwhile,”The Family “a renown Right Wing cult has recruited Ugandan political leaders with their so called Prayer Breakfast which have also been held in Kenya.

What draws African political leaders and elite to the net of these Antichrist groups?

However for the cults ,money is the bait used to not only infuse their doctrines on the masses but to cease control of the worldly treasures of these African countries.


Dr HYung Moon is the son of Dr Sun Myung Moon who calls himself the Messiah.A man who believes in Serpent seed and believes that Jesus failed in his mission to set up God’s kingdom and so he ,Mr Moon, was chosen to take the kingdom of this world for God.Shocking how the Dominionist theology is the driving force of the Moonies cult.

Former President Moi with Dr Hyung Moon
Dr Hyung Moon with former President of Kenya ,Daniel Moi

As for Dr Hyung Moon, he left his father’s church while in university after the death of his brother which disillusioned him.In the midst of this disillusionment, Hyung found some comfort in Buddhism, until he was made successor of his father’s church and ventures.

Thus he returned to the church with Budhhists ideas and practices such a meditation and martial arts.However he has stated that he has not taken the Messianic role of his father, who calls himself the true father.

Now he is ruling most parts of the world through the so called Global Peace Festival which calls for “One Family Under God “, unity in religion and culture- ring a bell ?

The bells of the Antichrist doctrine of Ecumenism that denies the fact that Jesus is the only way to God and all other
roads lead to hell except Jesus Christ.

The only family God recognizes is the family that comes to him by faith in Jesus Christ.

However Hyung Moon’s family calls for false peace and reconciliation through a religious tower of Babel.

Dr Hyung Moon  Preaching" Peace" with Prime Minister raial Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga

Above Prime Minister Raila Odinga with his wife Ida at the Peace festival 2008 with Dr Hyung Moon.

Thus the dangerous teachings of Hyung Moon are the groundwork for the ONE WORLD RELIGION which is the worship of the Antichrist,which is the worship of Satan.

If these cult leaders have captured the African elite,it means our African elite are taking orders from antichrists
hence fulfilling the scripture,

Rev 13:7

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Arthur Owiti