The promulgation of the “Kenyan” Constitution- is it not?

It is a new beginning but who created it ?

The promulgation of the “Kenyan” Constitution- is it not?

by Arthur Owiti

Kenya has officially promulgated, that is officially made public, the proposed constitution , the supreme law of the land. Songs of jubilation and celebrations fill the air as people celebrate the widely proclaimed motto “We the people” (another lie ).However I am forced to burst the balloon this early because a time will come when I will not be able to. Really this constitution is part of the jigsaw puzzle of the new world order which calls for one world religion, one world government and one world economy. Thus it not Kenyan but a Universal document.

President Mwai Kibaki promulgates the New Consitution .courtesy nation media

What is the New World Order
This is a project by the elite of the world to improve the human condition in a global scale and with one perspective of peace and tolerance. According to one of the promoters former Hon Justice Marcus Einfield, the New World Order works to banish

.holocausts and genocide
.unemployment etc
(I extracted this from Kenya Law magazine May 1993 )

They sound like they are doing it for the suffering people of the world but it is actually for the rich greedy elite of the world.

The laws which are supposed to protect the poor,they use and change it to protect the rich elite.

When was the New World Order officially born ?

It was officially born after World War 2 1945- 1948; after millions died and millions more were injured and whole scale destruction overrun the world after two gruesome wars for power and domination.

Thus the world elite called for worldwide peace. T hey set up the United Nations and invented the Human Rights cause with the Human Rights day in 1948 and the infamous Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Charter.

Yet , what is so paradoxical about the whole movement is that there have been more wars,racism and tribalism, deaths and starvation despite the presence of such bodies and laws and charters.And these troubles have been fueled by the authors of the same documents and projects.

Principle behind the Birth of the New World Order

CHANGE BRINGS CRISIS, CRISIS BRINGS CHANGE. The elite of the world cause crisis to bring change ,a change that suits their needs.

Application of the New World Oder Principles

1. World War one = League of Nations for peace = led to World War 2

2.World War 2 = United Nations for peace = led to World wars such as those in the Soviet states and Israel and Civil Wars( because the UN charter/constitution does not ban civil wars)

3.Civil wars = New Government Orders = Chaos or Dictatorship

a) Rwanda genocide led to a new leadership of so called one Rwanda with President Kagame as the leader. Yet we know that the reality is that Rwanda is still divided. Rwanda is officially in a dictatorship that is applauded by the world elite community.

b) Kenya 2007 Election, 2008 Post election violence led to the coalition government led by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga which gave birth to the new promulgated constitution.
Thus the post election violence was created by the elite so that it cold be a perfect excuse for a new order in Kenya.According to these leaders,it would be easier to change the constitution after violence than where there has not been any just cause for such a change.

Thus from those examples we can deduce that crisis always led to change. However the people of the world need to ask themselves whether the change they are implementing is theirs or someone else ?

A look at the new Kenyan Constitution , we see that its principles especially the human rights section, are just a photocopy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is a New World Order. Thus this means the Kenyan document is foreign inspired and not genuinely African.

Yet it is this section that was called the most important because it not only deals with the individual but has instituted the State as a deity. This is observed in the sections that make it mandatory for the State to :

.feed you – fight starvation
.house you- fight homelessness
.give you a job-fight unemployment
.control your freedom of speech- fight holocaust and genocide.
.protect your land for you

Basically the State has now legal power to be fully involved in the lives of Kenyans whether they like it or not .This is instilling worship of Government and is a creating a silent tyrannical leadership; no wonder the same document says there is no state religion because the State is religion.

How can a Secular State boldly declare God bless Kenya ?

Kenyans at the birth of the Second Republic courtesy Nation Media

The Kenyan politicians have delivered the document to their rich masters that control the world and are greedy for its riches and now Kenya is not only in bondage but a legal slave of World Bank, IMF and EU, USA and antichrist cult leader Sun Myung Moon.
Why? All these bodies have promised they will FINANCE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW LAW.
As the old saying goes,he who PAYS the piper,calls the tune.

Is that independence ? Where World Bank will finance a Kenyan project yet many Kenyans still live in abject poverty thanks to the ill politics of World Bank. Sorry Kenya , it is still not yet uhuru/independence as long as you are a bankrupt,multi- trillion debt ridden third world country and the World Bank and IMF fund your activities. The constitution is just a fake lip balm that cannot smoothen your already cracked lips.

The New world Order Elite of Kenya now own Kenya legally.


Yes it is. The prophets foretell of a time when the laws will be changed , when all the nations of the earth will be under the control of one man and one body of government that controls economy, religion and politics. Whoever opposes this rule will die and the bible is clear that Jesus will come after this government has killed its enemies…Christians and Jews and those who oppose the beast system. See Daniel 11, 12, Rev 13, 17 .

In fact the book of Genesis is a good book to unlock the book of Revelation. Nimrod was one man who ruled the whole world when the world united themselves against God.

The Antichrist will repeat what Nimrod did and the world will again unite against God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Beware and walk in love, these are perilous times.

A little word game : Universal means affecting all people the whole world.

Now the world Catholic means- Universal thus the word Universal Declaration is also Catholic Declaration and Catholic church is also Universal church— hint .. .the elite of the Roman Catholic church and Jesuits are running the New world order show.That is why the Kenya Evangelical church lost.

Arthur Owiti