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It is has been revealed that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is closely connected with Monsanto.This is a sad but not surprising coincidence.

Bill Gates is the same guy who is working to get an AIDS vaccine?? Think again.

There is no way a body can seek to save the lives of others when they are firmly embedded with those who are out to destroy others in the name of making profit and monopoly.

These corporations hide behind the cover of philanthropy and development when they are actually putting eugenics in action.

Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnological corporation that provides farmers with GM seeds which we know is no where near healthy being man made.

This company has been trying to penetrate Africa in every way.In Uganda, they actually wrote a whole bill waiting for Presidential assent !

How can a corporation write the laws of a sovereign country??

Truly Africa has fantasy democracies. Our legislators are nothing but puppets who

do the bidding of American and other Multi national corporations by passing their laws into local laws ignoring the local reality.

This is because the local reality always works against the big corporations who only know profit .

However many Kenyan farmers are anti- Monsanto and a big thanks to the Kneya Bio Diversity Coalition for warning many about the dangers of GM in Africa.

Arthur Owiti