part 2

Whereas we will not get into the unnecessary theological arguments on the Jesus- went to hell Doctrine (which involves translations, bible versions and Hebrew and Greek customs), we will however defend the faith concerning how Prosperity Gospel preachers use it for their gain and as a justification of and loving the world.

In his DVD teaching ” Who is a Christian ” Pastor Chris erroneously declares the following.

1. A Christian who suffers from diabetes does not know the truth and A Christian cannot fall sick
because he is born of God and not of blood when he is born gain – what about Timothy and Epaphroditus in Philippians were they not born again?

2.Satan has lost his power – yet Satan is the god of this world. It does not make him more powerful than God Almighty but he also has power.

3.Jesus defeated Satan in hell not at the cross—- but what do the Scriptures say for that is our final authority as believers ?
1.Ephesians 1:7 declares that Jesus made those who were far from God near to him by HIS BLOOD.

2.Colossians 1:13-14 declares that Jesus gave us believers redmption through HIS BLOOD

To nail this Prosperity Gospel Heresy of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is Colossians 2:14 where it says that he spoiled principalities and powers triumphing over them in HIS CROSS.

This is why Paul declared solely that he will preach Christ crucified .He did not say he will preach Jesus in Hell, did he ?
Peter boldly declared that we have been redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus and not corruptible things such as gold. The blood of Jesus that was shed was for our redemption without which we would have been condemned.From his death we receive forgiveness of sins because sins separate us from God ,yet God does not want us, his creation to be separated from him. He wants us to be reconciled to him.

With all these scriptures that clearly declare where Jesus defeated the powers and principalities why do Pastors want to add to the scriptures simply because the Apostle’s Creed says that Jesus descended to hell. They actually MODIFY THE APOSTLES CREED by saying that Jesus descended to hell and defeated the devil yet the scriptures say this was done at the cross.

The issue is not about descent but about redemption from sin, because sin is the sting of death. Satan led man to sin but man has been redeemed by Jesus who shed his blood for us for life is in the blood and not in hell.

The Prosperity Preachers preach this doctrine because when people hear the word hell they know it is a place of suffering and weeping.

However the closest picture to hell is poverty. Yet most of the congregation are working class and thus should be taught how to share with one another.

The irony of Prosperity churches is that they despise poor saints yet they claim to break the spirit of poverty.

In fact the true gospel is about giving to the poor and sharing not hoarding riches for yourself and being grateful to God for that which you have as long as you have worked for it.


Many working class Africans come from poor/middle level backgrounds with a few who have been in well to do families. In fact poverty only became an extreme issue in the early 80s and 90s when the Oil crisis led to Economic Neo Colonization by the World Bank and IMF which created Extreme Capitalism in Africa. There are both stinking rich Africans and wallowing poor people .

One British anaylst analysed Kenya’s multi-national population and its relation to poverty and wealth as follows

‘ … very FEW Kenyan Whites (a minority population) are poor and some of them are very rich, some
Kenyan Asians are very poor and other Kenyan Asians are very rich;
but when it comes to black Kenyans who make up the majority of the population
MANY Black Kenyans are very poor but the richest Kenyan elite are Black Kenyans.

This grinding poverty has made many desperate and depressed especially the working poor. Thus prosperity Gospel came with promises of peace and riches and freedom from the hell of poverty( not sin and the devil) if one only gives their life to Jesus.

The more prosperity preaching the more poverty, the more the crime, the more the giving because the rich preachers of the churches get richer and the poor givers get poorer for giving more but receiving less hence more poverty.

The Prosperity Gospel destroys the focus of the gospel by putting emphasis on getting rich quick since that means you are escaping hell on earth. Yet what the scriptures teach is that giving to the poor and SHARING AMONG BELIEVERS AND ALL MEN are the ways of dealing with grinding poverty as one ‘s heart desires holiness and righteousness and love not greed and jealousy.

a typical Kenyan mansion- Many Christians have been blinded to desire and think about mansions than holiness

Moreover this get rich scheme comes with a cost called tithe an Old Covenant command.. you must bribe God for him to bless you and make you rich like Abraham. However we are in the New Covenant and the Levitical Law is inapplicable …we are to give and not tithe and the giving is for the ministry of the saints not building big castles falsely called churches.

Jesus died for your sins to be forgiven and not for you to drive 3 cars and live in 2 mansions when your brother has lost his job and has no food to eat. Look at the stats and see where Prosperity Gospel thrives, Poverty thrives the more. Prosperity Gospel fuels Greed and not the Love of God.

The Salvation In Hell teaching is bent at making Christians believe that all suffering Christians are not really born again when actually that is a lie. When poverty is feared like that ,you feel sorry for those who live in it for they face stigmatization and condemnation when it is the rich elite that manipulate the world ‘s economies hence punishing the poor.

This teaching insults the blood of Jesus thinking that redemption is found in the money seed one sent to TBN or to their pastor. Falsehood and dear Christian turn away from the Prosperity teachers that are teaching these lies.

Thus what Pastor Chris is preaching is false gospel that works to enrich himself by lying to you that you will be promoted and live stress free and have no disease because Jesus went to hell and defeated Satan. Jesus defeated Satan at the cross by shedding his blood for your sins that you may have access to God and life everlasting.

God bless you!

Arthur Owiti