Desperate Christian Women in Kenya

No they did not storm the doors to pray for the nation or righteousness, they stormed the doors for marriage.

But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matt 24:37-39

Kenyan Christian Women “storm” false Apostle of Marriage Pastor Chris Ojigbani’s conference

A serious case of how Today’s Christianity that is turning churches into Casinos where people bet to get a mate by planting seeds as God is a slot machine who gives you what you want.No, God gives you what you need and God hears those who call on him in truth .You do not need to pray to a man to get to a husband.. a believer asks the Father in heaven not a man on earth -pray to God in Jesus name not to a man !!

By Arthur Owiti

Desperate Kenyan Christian ladies with a few men, stormed9 or as per the conference theme- -S-T-O-M-ed- Set Time of Marriage ) KICC for a date with marital destiny where in the presence of Pastor Ojigbani one can get a spouse in 3 months.
Pastor Ojigbani promises people many spouses and most especially single women in the name of Jesus.Marriage is good ,however must it be ridiculed by false men of God who claim to perform the miracles by providing a single woman with a husband ?

For one , we must ask why are women so desperate today ?

Well many put the blame on men with the famous saying that “they are few men today ” not in number but in character.This has forced women to start hunting for themselves.The prey is looking for the hunter.

Some say that during tough economic times, the best form of security for a woman is marriage as two are better
than one when facing difficult times.

For Dominionist Christians and Political Christians marriage is a political tool for replenishing the earth to fight Islam.Thus Christian women are coerced to marry and give birth to many babies so as to beat the rising population of Muslims in the world as if God needs legions to establish his truth.The early church was not great in number in the beginning but it was great in power and that is how it grew,growth is the Lord’s and not man’s.

Whatever the reason one thing is clear that these days marriage is primarily tied to the world and love of the things of the world.Selfish lusts and not Faithful Commitments is what is driving many marriages.

A lot of people are marrying for selfish reasons .This is evident as we see the rise of Sugar daddy marriages and Sugar Mummy relationships .Young men want Rich Old women as young ladies do not mind being with a man fit to be their grand father as long as he is rich.

One lady quipped to a young man that she loves her” old husband ” because he “understands ” her. The understanding bit
is the money part .He flows her account with money thus she is satisfied.

Whereas a good marriage is built on a good foundation of provision of material needs, greed should not be the glue that holds a marriage.

However with the divorce rate rising in Africa day by day , one is forced to conclude that many are marrying for the wrong reasons.Money has made marriage mad.

It is at this juncture that one should question Pastor Ojigbani’s ministry which is trying to be the match maker of many single people.Marriage should not be trivialized with so called promises of a mate if you give to the ministry . False Spiritualised Matchmaking is not enough to have people in solid Christian homes.

Besides some people misuse these prophetic declarations by telling the men that God spoke to them that he is the one when it was actually Pastor Ojigbani that spoke and not God.

A new trend has risen with Pastor Ojigbani,where Pastors have replaced parents in marital matters.This is not in anyway advocating for parents to match make. It is just very dangerous to claim that God is ordaining a marriage by the mere word of a man who calls himself apostle.

In short Pastor Ojigbani is involving himself in matchmaking rather tahn teaching the married people how to live as per the scriptures and how the singles should live . False Promises are sure signs of False Prophets

Worst of all he is using God’s name.What happens if the divine husband rejects the ” prophetic word of God” will one say that God was wrong in judgment.That is blasphemy hence such ministries are taking God’s name in vain.

It is sad to hear how some Christian women practice ” witchcraft “– yes , a lady curses prays against her fellow friend who took her ” man” the man whom the pastor promised to her but the man chose her friend.

These False prophets of Marriage are slowly going to destroy other marriages in the name of God as women will go out claiming married men who have what they want from a man.
Planting marriage seeds that enrich these false apostles – why are Christians turning church into a casino ??

This is APOSTASY but it was prophesied that people will run to hear NOT THE TRUTH, but that which their ears want to hear.It seems for many they want to hear more about the world than holiness.The truth is what God wants anything else is what you want and that cannot help you one bit.

Arthur Owiti.