The Big Difference between God’s peace plan and America’s Peace Plan for the Middle East

As America tries to implement a peaceless peace process in the Middle East Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri
is busy mending fences with Syria in what can be seen as a compromise for the coming war against Israel

He cites political reasons as the main motivator in accusing Syria for killing his father Rafik Hariri . This should be an indication to all that the so called Sunni and Shia divisions in Islam and different political ideologies dissolve when
they have a common enemy.

In light of all this we need to inquire whether these wars and peace processes are anyway helpful to the
poor Israelis and Palestinians.

How can peace be brokered where people are being forced to lose their own land ?
You cannot stay awake all night and let the thief take your property.You stayed awake so that the thief does not steal
from you.

Yet the American Middle East Process plan,initiated by Crusade Warrior George Bush and others is sanctifying
theft by demanding Israel to give up her lands for peace when the act of giving up is that of robbery.

What Christians should know about peace in Israel is that there will be no peace until Jesus comes to set up his kingdom .
This kingdom will come after the Antichrist has control of Jerusalem and rulership of the world.

God also wants peace for Israel and the whole world but he wants it according to his plan and pleasure.
God will bring peace to Israel with Jesus and all nations, even Palestinians will dwell with the Jews in peace.

God.’s peace plan is for the nations of the world to join Israel through Jesus Christ, the true king of Jerusalem.But the American plan, The Eu plan,The Vatican Plan, The UN plan and the Global Religious Rights plan all them being plans that are Antichrist in nature , are calling for Israel to join the nations of the world.That kind of peace will bring war.

Lebanon is joining with Syria as Ahmadinejad is busy rallying the nations against Israel.The war trumpets are about to sound but it is not the end yet.

Arthur Owiti