A Wannabe Dietrich Bonhoeffer/ Martin Luther King

By Arthur Owiti

People at the Glenn Beck Rally of Honor 2010- SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD---Jesus is the Good shepherd not Glenn Beck

Mormon Glenn Beck has completed the coup de etat on the Evangelical church. How he has superseded Dr James Dobson (who is now Ecumenical not Evangelical), beats my understanding but one thing is for sure, the righteousness and revival
he is preaching is not of God but of man and the righteousness of men is as filthy rags.

Glenn Beck wants to follow the footsteps of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was a German Theologian that “defied Hitler’s
Nazi Regime. Yet we know that Dietrich was not just a pastor but a political spy and it is his political activities
and conspiracy to assassinate Hitler that led to his death not his stand for Jesus Christ or the word
of God. Now Paul did not conspire to assassinate Caesar, did he ?

Dietrich was right in speaking against Hitler’s policies and antisemitism however he was wrong when he used political weapons to fight Hitler’s injustice.This is the same approach of Glenn Beck and the Bushites( people who think the Republican party is God ‘s party blasphemy)

If Glenn Beck wants to restore moral values why does he not mention to the people what the scriptures
say especially what is the duty of Christians under the New Testament and what the same scriptures say about deteriorating values.Well , I forgot, he is not a Christian but a Mormon

This is just an old gimmick to lump Christianity with the bad politics to abuse the American Christian population for the gain of a few rich men who care nothing about Christianity but politics and money . Year on end these Christians are duped in believing that Republican party will restore Christian values. I wonder how Christian is lying about 9/11 and War
in Iraq.

The Bible is clear that moral values will take a deep dip in the last days .The cause of this dip is spiritual AND NOT political
or because of political ideologies .Such a spiritual cause needs a spiritual solution and not political. True Christians fight spiritual warfare and not physical warfare even though we live in a physical world.

Instead he is busy telling Christians to return to American Christian values when what he is actually doing is campaigning for the Republican Party .This IS NOT A CHRISTIAN VENTURE so why should be Christians be involved .I have never had the Republican Party or Democratic party say that to uphold the doctrine of Jesus Christ and even if they said so it would be hypocritical because they are not spiritual bodies therefore cannot be involved in spiritual matters.

It is Political Christians who are hijacking Political Parties to carry out their Dominion agenda as Rich Men also hijack Christian values so as to gain law making power to suit their greedy wants.

Glenn Beck is behaving like the Pharisees who knew who all the sinners but never saw themselves as sinners when they were.They never thought that change had to begin within them ,it is always the other person.

Thus Pharisee Righteousness which is the heart of many Conservative and Evangelical bodies is not God ‘s Righteousness for God ‘s righteousness is in Jesus Christ and his word not in Political Parties and the Constitution.

Truly America is in the deepest Moral Crisis ever and not just America, the whole world because that American system is worldwide.This moral crisis was prophesied by Jesus and thus it is false hopes for people like Glenn beck to declare that they will restore honour. Only Jesus Christ is coming to restore order and justice and that will be after the rule of the Antichrist of which living Christians will go through the Antichrist rule and tribulation.



by Arthur Owiti

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai


Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai went to visit TB Joshua of Syngagogue Church of all Nations to seek
spiritual guidance maybe for the coming elections next year. He follows the footsteps of Atta Mills President of Ghana
who received the fulfilled prophecy of victory by TB Joshua before the Ghanaian elections.

Christians should not be duped. Jesus warned about false prophets coming in his name . He told us however,that we shall know them by their fruits .These fruits include their deeds and their words and what they teach.

Pastor TB Joshua thinks that Allah is the same with the God of the Hebrews thus being involved in blasphemy and heresy.
TB Joshua teaches tithing which means all those who attend his church are under the law and to be under the law is a curse.

Another thing arising from Morgan’s visit is the marriage of State and Church. TB Joshua likes rubbing with African Politicians to show how powerful he is as they all come to him seeking for guidance. Yet we know that these visits act as a scratch my back I scratch yours deal. Morgan will be endorsing to African Christians and Christians world over that TB Joshua is a true man of God as TB Joshua will be endorsing Morgan Tsvangirai as good politician who “loves the Lord”.

Church and Politics Union is evil and it is the picture of the coming Antichrist and False Prophet Union in these last days.
This is spiritual fornication not different from that of visiting a witchdoctor or spiritist.

Is it not interesting that these politicians are silent about their visits to a doctor but go public when they visit
these false prophets.This is because going to a doctor for check up is a political loss while visiting a rich African pastor is political gain…hypocrisy

There are many other fruits that one can spot from his ministry but we these bad fruits can clearly show falsehood is steeped in his ministry.

We should remember what Jesus said about false prophets and preachers.In summary we know from the scriptures ,especially Matt 24 that:

False prophets come in the name of Jesus
False Prophets make merchandise/ make money out of you- they can do good things for you and others as long as doing that good will bring money in return.

So we should be alert ,just because someone is doing miracles a or his prophecies are coming to pass does not make them a true prophet.
We shall know them by their fruits and thus we will know what is good and what is bad fruit when we read and study the word of God which clearly shows us how to discern what is good and bad.



Barter Trade in Mukurweini,in Central Province Kenya..courtesy Citizen TV.`

Even as the technological cashless society takes centre stage world over an ancient cashless system is making inroads in Kenya.
In Central Province, poor people opt to exchange goods for goods since they say they have no money.

This is a reality some may see Kenya with flashy buildings and houses yet there are people who are not part of the economic system.

They survive by doing barter trade. Thus in the face of globalization all is not lost and our our old African ways are still overcoming the test of time.However in the end the beats system will be the only system where one can buy and sell and whoever will not be part of the system will be killed.

This is why one strategy of the beast rule is to control all the lands in the world.Did you know that the Kenyan Constitution was about putting land in government trustee ship ? Because in the end the beast system will say you cannot eat mangoes from an open field without permission from the government.

Christians will still be here when the beast system will be implemented flying away until Jesus comes to destroy the beast government.

Arthur Owiti