Pope Benedict beatifies Anglican Convert Newman… Only God has the power to make anyone a Saint no man can do that !!
By Arthur Owiti

One thing that struck me about the Pope’s visit , apart from the reunion of the Anglican church with the Catholic church as seen in the picture below, was the beatification of John Cardinal Newman.This is proof that the CATHOLIC CHURCH STILL BELIEVES SHE IS THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH, BLASPHEMY.

IT TAKES TWO OCTOPUSES TO TANGO- Antichrist Ecumenism breathes with fire in England as Emperor Pope Benedict XVI standing with Empress Queen Elizabeth II visits Engand

Newman was an Anglican who decide to convert to Catholicism after seeing the light that Catholicism is of God. Moreover Newman was a very early Ecumenist who called for religious unity and raise d man’s conscience above the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

This beatification was a clear message that the Catholic Church still sees itself as the true body of Christ yet has false doctrines which are also prevalent in her Protestant daughters and now growing in the Evangelical church, are not of God but Satan.

This is why we see her as an Octopus that with her many arms has grabbed practically everyone in religion in the name of tolerance when it is actually a plan to gain recognition and worship and acceptance that she is of God.

This is in no way discrediting the Catholic church’s gigantic history of self governance where it has managed her internal affairs very well and instilled church discipline unlike Protestant and Evangelical churches which are now piling up court cases all over the world against each other.

However in light of the Ecumenical movement and the One world Religion that is calling all ways true and that no way is the only way,the Vatican is cunningly behind the scenes of such an Antichrist agenda.

Let us have a list of those in all churches and pastors that were grabbed by the Octopus arms, The Roman Catholic Empire

2.Mormon Glenn Beck
3. Paula White..accompanied by Benny Hinn
4. Evangelical Churches through the Manhattan Declaration of Life Marriage and Liberty..grabbing James Dobson,Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell
5.John Hagee who categorically stated that he is NOT ANTI CATHOLIC to save John Mc Cain’s bid
6.TBN that hosts Catholic programs on the church channel

7.Charismatic, Pentecostal Pastor Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries is a Knight of Malta , a Knight of the Pope

Remember that Chuck Colson has just called for a 40 day fast for the election coming November 2010. They may be banking for Evangelical votes to change the government for God blasphemy.

Yet they are just being grabbed by the tentacles of Vatican Roma.

The same Vatican is touting for a two sate solution in Israel, the same Vatican is touting for the Sarah Palin camp.Working in multi purpose fashion just like an octopus.

THE OCTOPUS...has many arms but one head... same for all empires of the world from the Vatican to the USA


Empires are Octopuses ..The British Empire adopted the American Empire through Legal Systems afterthe Revolution of Indpendence.Independence was killed because true Independence chops the arm of an Octopus


This is the same how USA has worked all over the world and has managed to conquer her. In Africa they are various arms of the American Octopus. Some are very good arms in terms of charity , faith, and aid and democratic empowerment;

Others are evil such as Wars,
American dollar fiat system( that has now forced Zimbabwe to employ the US dollar phasing out the the Zimbabwe dollar completely..NWO in action )
Holly wood Pornography
Guns for Somalia and other war torn regions Transnational Companies that pay workers little pay.

All these tentacles come from one head which has one goal of control of the world’s resources.

Thus the Catholic church is using its tentacles to push its agenda of controlling religion and Jerusalem .It grabs all denominations and religions using various means whether treaties, state visits, awards.


Do you think Benny Hinn can talk ill about the Vatican after they awarded him with Patronage.What about Sarah Palin who in 2008 received lots of praise from the Vatican.

Remember most of Political Christianity and Dominionism teachings are steeped in the teachings of Aquinas and Augustine .

The reason why Rick Joyner can see eye to eye with the Vatican is because that they are both amillenial. That is, the Catholic church believes that we are living in the 1000 years reign of Christ while Joyner and C Wagner with Joel’s Army and Sarah Palin company are believing that now is the time to reign for Christ instead of waiting for his coming reign.

This is but the grip of the Vatican Octopus on the Evangelical church in a but a flash of ten years.It is apostasy of the highest order, Antichrist driven.

Arthur Owiti