We are reposting after realising that many African countries are hitting the 50 years mark ..Uganda will be 48, Tanzania 49 etc.However despite these Independence birthdays, people are still dependent because colonization is the crux of the already prophesied coming rulership of the Antichrist.

NIGERIA IS 50- SO ….??
By Arthur Owiti

Nigeria is celebrating 50 years of Independence from Britain.However despite the stability amidst years of military and political turbulence Nigeria still remains in the throws of endemic poverty and religious animosity and acidic corruption.Did Nigeria fight for Independence for such ugly results??

Yet Nigeria still has successful nuggets that has uplifted Africa’s image.Nollywood and and other areas of Entertainment have becoming major earnings for Nigeria not forgetting Oil.Through the movie industry Nigeria ed Africa to return to her own stories which is a good thing.

However, why is it so easy to be successful in the Movie industry but have disastrous political leadership? IT IS BECAUSE AFRICA AND NIGERIA ARE NOT INDEPENDENT.

People are corrupt because the colonizers are using the same people to serve their interests and pay them huge sums of money for doing their bidding against the national public.

The Political leaders are just puppets that do the bidding of their masters hence bear the blame for misguided leadership when they are actually doing the script of their bosses.

Nigeria and Africa at large cannot say they are independent when:

* Their currencies are pegged to the US Dollar…the Dollar being a fiat currency determines the salary of everyone working in Africa hence affects their economies.
* Their laws are still foreign and are enforcing foreign laws through International treaties.
* They are exporting Western Christianity not Biblical Christianity with an African faces and African songs
* Where elections are nothing but played out dramas since the colonial lackeys cannot afford surprises and influence the whole show
* When transnational companies are super big in the countries and their interests are priority number one
* When election system and administration is thoroughly out of touch from the local reality
* When Africa is indebted to the World Bank, IMF AND OTHER NATIONS..THE BORROWER IS THE SERVANT OF THE LENDER .They are part of African Union which does the bidding of UN

They are part of African Union which does the bidding of UN

Thus Africa should know that total salvation is only coming when Jesus comes to set up his kingdom and that is after the Antichrist rule has taken place and hence Jesus coming to crash it.

The injustices Africa and Nigeria are facing are not unknown to GOD AND GOD WILL ARISE TO AVENGE FOR THEM.
We do not have to form Christian political parties nor have Christian legislators nor Christian presidents to solve the injustices.They are also made of flesh.Jesus coming Kingdom after the Antichrist reign is our hope and we patiently wait.

The crux of the matter is 50 years is a long time to be still living a dream when reality is we are under colonization , Antichrist colonization the Bible clearly describes wold engulf the whole world.

Revelation 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Even so, come Lord Jesus come.

Arthur Owiti