The great significance of Old Institutions in the economic, political and religious affairs of the world

By Arthur Owiti

For sometime , we have been sharing about the Vatican and other age old institutions and nations. Most of these entities ,unlike humans , have lived for years , how and why is that they are still significant to understanding the endtimes and seeing them unfold before our eyes ?

Unlike human beings who, when they grow old , they may get wise but always get weaker and lose their vitality , Corporations grow older and stringer and can grow richer.

This is due to the doctrine of incorporation ( a good study on this is found here) and here.

The doctrine of incorporation gives life or human qualities to a man made entity or organization.Unlike human beings who can die because their breath is in the hands of God, the breath of corporations and organizations are in the hands of man.

The effect is that these corporations and organizations can live for centuries with the same name and same structures intact.Forever young.

Corporations only need workable structures and systems that can work.Once they have this they exist irrespective the number of humans who come and fill up its offices eg the pope, king of England, presidents.


States like Turkey and Iran were once mighty empires but they died into oblivion. However in recent days , these two countries have slowly risen up in might and power despite years of silence. All of a sudden a desire to conquer the world has resuscitated old empires like China.

In Religion, the Catholic church looks stronger as in some countries many are either returning back to her or leaving the Protestant and Evangelical churches .The loudness of the Evangelical church made it look very pompous, but the silent Catholic church has emerged superior.


This long age or quasi -immortal entities and organizations , corporations has disastrous effects on the world.

For example the Roman Catholic church has been meddling in the affairs of Israel for over 1200 years . She has desired Jerusalem for her control.How can a new entity like the Evangelical church surpass the interest of an age old corporation like the Vatican Catholic church ? Unless it annihilates the Vatican structures completely , The Vatican interest will definitely take priority.

The point is , do not assume that just because an institution is old and silent it is dead.In the doctrine of incorporation the older a corporation, the stronger and richer it gets and the more it has a say in the things of the world.That is the power of man made e immortality and man made creations in the name of incorporation that makes old , gold.

Example of Old Bodies Rising Today

1. Turkey and Ottoman Empire
2. Iran and Persian Empire
3.Holy Roman Empire – Royal families of Europe
4.The Roman Catholic church and it Vatican Empire
5.The Islamic Empire
7. Russia and its Orthodox Empire

Arthur Owiti