By Arthur Owiti

As we said last time,many Christians are living in denial of the End time reality of persecution and death for the sake of the Lord Jesus.Yet in the past three years many Christians have either lost their property or have been arrested or killed because of their faith.

Whereas I do not support the doctrines of some of the groups the fact is many have been arrested for their faith.For example many Endtime SDA groups get into trouble basically because they tell their followers not to vote since the voting system is seen as Antichrist.

Hence the politicians of that area fear that such a stand would affect their political value hence would rather throw them in prison than give them room to infect their voters hence diminish theirvoting power.

Mark you they use the law of church registration to arrest these people and also the churches against these people claim that the Christians are disobeying Rom 13 , yet they have a right of freedom of association.I am not talking about suicide cults I am talking about any association. Injustice is injustice irrespective of the parties’ beliefs.

The Pastor Terry Jones case and the Hutaree group also raised concerns that Christians are nothing but intolerant or that they are just zombies in love with the end times. This will lead many Christians to be put in mental asylums as people who are waiting for Jesus or the world to end.

Well, Jesus warned us of this persecution so that we do not get offended when it happens or that we do not sin when it takes place.

There are some question when need to answer on this hatred


THE WORLD…includes the rulers, citizens, religious bodies and groups that do not love Jesus but love the world and its goodies.
THE DEVIL….The Prince of this World who will inspire the Antichrist and false prophet and deceive many


1.Christians are not of this world hence are seen as aliens just as the rising hatred against immigrants

2.Christians testify that the works of this world are evil

3.They do not have the word of God in them

4.They reject and hate him Jesus therefore reject and hate God

5.They do not know God who sent Jesus.

6.They do the lusts of their father the devil, who is the father of lies

7.They do not have the love of God in them but the love of this world.

8.They do not hear the words of God.

If you read through the book of John ,KJV, these reasons are set out as a warning of what is to come upon Christians.The saem people who had the above characteristics, killed Jesus(though he had to die for the sins of the world), killed the disciples and the followers of the early church


1. Cast them out of synagogues or religious buildings or fellowships

2. Bring them to courtrooms on the basis of their testimony of Jesus Christ.

3.Taking them to prisons, which today include hospitals, mental institutions apart from jails.

4.Scourging and beating them up

5.The coming Antichrist beheading

6.The coming starvation to death via refusal to join the beast system of economics

7.Mocking them and bring false accusations.

8. Death penalties

9.Exorcisms that lead to death..since in the past both Jesus and John were accused of having demons, today many Christians who love the word will be call those Christians who do not love the word, demons- Since these “false exorcists sweat for hours casting demons, when they fail to convince the believers to change their way of standing in the word,they will kill them.

These things some of them have been happening as we go on with our daily lives and indeed when the Antichrist rule is full blown will continue as the world cares about its own issues.

What true believers should know that this not going to end baldy for us in these days of great tribulation.

First of all many of us shall be killed for:

1. The Word of God…which is hated by the world

2.The testimony of Jesus ..Jesus who is hated by the world in the sense that people refuse to believe him and walk in his commandments

3. The Commandments of God….which the world hates Rev 12: 17

4.The faith of Jesus …which the world hates and is now embracing the respect of all faiths declaring that there are many ways to God.

5.Refusing to join the beast system of economics and religion and politics under Rev 13, a system that will be legalized and that those who reject it will be criminals worthy of death. ( taken form the book of Revelation )

In all these things let us not fear but look up and know that our redemption draws near.Endure tribulation to the end.

Pray for all saints worldwide who are undergoing persecution and tribulation for the sake of Jesus Christ and his word.

In Christ Jesus,
Arthur Owiti