By Arthur Owiti

In a bizarre twist of ideas and the irony of Germany’s position in Europe, Angel Merkel called multi -culturalism a failed approach of creating co-existence in Germany.This is a very telling statement to come from not only Germany’s most important politician ,but The European Union’s leading country.

How can a European Union country declare that Union is not possible? Tells you that the Union is not the idea of the people but of a certain class who think they are God.

This is based on the fact that MOST Germans are tired of the surge in immigration.This is not only a German problem.IT is a world problem.A world problem that Jesus foresaw long time ago.

WE should ask ourselves why this happening? A keen look at the cause of all these rantings and feelings is the 2008 Global Economic Depression.

Humans are able to coexist despite their differences.That is no news. The only issue is that when things begin to bite ,humans tend to get angry.And when they are economical canines bite the flesh of people, the anger is most ferocious.

In African history, when the Western colonialists came, they were welcomed with open hand or indifferent to their arrival.
However,when their lives began to change for the worse they chose to revolt.Many failed to revolt and very few succeeded but lost in the end.

Today with the Economic woes bedeviling the whole world especially the West Anger is in the air and it is being focused against Immigration and foreign nations and foreign religions.

Yet the Scriptures are clear that the Antichrist government will control the whole world.The MInority Antichrist governemnt will control the majority of all nations.

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. Rev 13: 7


That means that the Antichrist rule will take possessions of all these groups of people and nations worldwide.

How are they doing it:

2.ONE WORLD CURRENCY- now hidden under dollar fiat system set to change soon.

3.ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM- Just think how Visa is owned by one company yet it is in all nations worldwide


5.INTERNATIONAL LAWS-One law maker..many subject nations

Believers are not to fight these battles against nations but endure and continue in love and the word of God.

Besides, African history of rebellion is a clear sign that fighting back this beast system is a vain fight because they have all the ammunition and resources and weapons.

Best of all the Bible is clear that the Antichrist system will win and prevail before Jesus comes.

The Multicultural time bomb was a set up by these elites for the people to fight one another since the elites will run away when the chaos ensues. The rich elite are the same ones who cause wars to make people immigrate to other countries and are the same ones to arouse economic conditions that cause cultural and racial disparity to create conflict.According to them crisis brings change and change brings crisis

Once these rich elite foment conditions that create crisis the people get angry and hatred is fueled like a wildfire.
Most people are blinded to blame their different neighbors and vent their anger on them by discriminating against them and kill them.

Others just vent their anger on the closest stranger and hence attack them since they cannot get to the rich.

The fact is Europe and America are facing multicultural dysfunctions that will match biblical proportions once the economies are brought to their knees where only the rich gain and the working class are reduced to paupers.

Arthur Owiti