Arthur Owiti | April 13, 2009

There is growing talk amongst Western Christians that the new home for Christendom is Africa. This is because of the large number of Evangelical Christians, many church buildings, organizations and so called miracle revival taking place in Africa. What they do not know is that Christendom cannot and will not thrive in Africa as the same conditions that are killing and have killed it in the West are rapidly increasing in Africa.

Secularization—the Younger generation and Urban Areas
Secularism is being spread in Africa courtesy of the Western mass media, Hollywood, universities and educational institutions which offer mainly Western type of education. As one Christian observer said, that universities are the seminaries of rationalization and the pulpits of rationalization are the theological schools, many are dropping the belief in God which they once held.

Sadly Christian universities in Africa have also taken that trend by teaching vain philosophies of men and confusing ideologies to students whom they claim to mould in the image of Christ. The love of money and the world has watered down the witness of these institutions as they survival lies in conforming to the pattern and wisdom of this world to gain many students.

Spiritually this system has created and is creating young ‘Secular Christians’’ in the urban areas of Africa. These are Christians whose reasoning and ideas are above the word of God. They sing in the choir do ministry attend church meetings but procure abortions, visit the witchdoctor, live a licentious life in the name of being saved by grace. Ironically the pastor is a stanch pro-life activist who has NGOS, for the same. The question is why is the flock diverting from what the pastor is saying about abortion and other forms of immorality? It is this hypocrisy that is the base of Christendom in the world.

Culturisation- the older generation and Rural Areas
Despite the onslaught of Western culture in Africa, many African communities have their social fabric intact. This means the social values and moral values of the past are still cherished. Thus unlike the West’s liberal view on homosexuality, in Africa even among the non Christian views it as an abomination. This being the case Western Christianity on its coming did not come with a strong social fabric to replace what had been there and this created pluralism in the African Christian faith. This is where one can be a Christian but still perform their traditional rituals.

This notion has led to the return to religious practices that are unbiblical and demonic. Some Christians visit witchdoctors. Some Pastors get powers from witchdoctors and there are doctrines which are based on fear of ancestral spirits. All this is because of shallow Christendom’s attempt to evangelize to Africa. The true gospel is what is changing Africans, Muslims and traditionalists in Africa to be in the image of Jesus Christ and return to biblical Christianity.

African Missionaries to the West
This is as a result of the fall of Christendom in the West. However, I will only question it if these missionaries are taking back to the West the same gospel of mammon hoping to revive her—it is vanity because many are hoping to strike gold in the quest and build palaces in Africa in the name of preaching the gospel to the West. If it has (Western Christianity) not succeeded in the place of origin how can its offspring think it is the medicine to heal it?

Some of these mission trips are just a way of justifying the presence of Christendom in Africa deceiving the African church that they are on the right track when they are actually headed the same way as the West. It is like fiddling while Rome is burning. The missionaries should instead warn the flock in Africa to avoid the love of the world that has finished most of the west, yet the flock in Africa are craving for that love .Christendom in Africa in the end will face the same judgment of destruction and fire as long as it is based and connected to the riches, wisdom and the might of the West.

THE Christendom talk is therefore a waste of time and energy since it is all about money, politics and glory of man. It is at variance with the kingdom of God. True Christianity is a threat to Christendom in Africa. There are African Christians who have faithfully suffered and suffer for the true gospel and the name of Jesus Christ.Thus the gross darkness of Christendom cannot overcome the glorious light of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.