By Arthur Owiti

Although from the very few times I have listened to Steve Quayle and concluded that he cries wolf sometimes, yet he has had some true predictions,the current issue of banning checks is true.I hail from Kenya and last year around this time (October 2009) ,The Kenya government banned checks valued at One million shillings and above ( that is about 12000 Us dollars ). Well, the reasons for this issue is what shocked me and not the ban.Payments above that value will be made using a new computer software.

1.To introduce Electronic system of money transfer and storage
2.To enhance safety by reducing check fraud
3.To increase efficiency in the payment process.
( sounds good eh..but just because it sounds good does not mean it is not inspired of the Antichrist whose ECONOMIC system is built on DECEIT )

This is nothing but One world Economy agenda that is alive and well in a developing country called Kenya.If the New World order system is in Kenya , what about America.

It is only a matter of time if not days for such a thing to happen.It may not require a sudden shut down of banks as Kenya ‘s banks went on ,although it disrupted many Cooperative societies which use a lot of big money at once.The plan is in the pipeline.

AS you have seen the reasons for the implementation of Electronic banking…nice , efficiency stop crime…etc.

That is how the Beast system is rising …DECEPTION…Pretending that they care about your needs and security when all they want is to control you and your life.

The mark of the beast WILL COME FOR ALL THE” GOOD REASONS” and sadly it is for those who reject to keep God’s commandments(yes obedience of God’s word is not legalism- which is obeying man made doctrines) and the faith of Jesus Christ. Prepare to lose your life for the sake of Christ.

The Beast Economic System is nothing but an Electronic Technological Babel of Converging, Technology, Banks and the State together.So it is not about collapse but creating a new order for the beast system.DELIGHT IN HIS WORD . On the Kenya check order

REV 13: 17
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Arthur Owiti.