By Arthur Owiti


So called Christian leaders and Muslim leaders met in Geneva for a high interfaith dialogue.Can you guess the them of the meeting ?? Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future,”article here

They go on to state that this initiative was based on the “Common word” .

Let us play a word game here with the word Common from the same article that posted on this intriguing story.

Common Word
Common Concern
Common Good
Common commitment to Love God and one’s neighbour
Common Future

Now how can Islam and Christianity have a common future when one religion rejects Jesus as God ??

Rick Warren, Bill Hybels,Leith Anderson the president of the National Association of Evangelicals and David Neff,who is the vice-president of Christianity Today Media Group all gave consent to the ” Common Word

This ecumenism in its purest form which is Antichrist worship because it denies worship of Jesus Christ.

IF your church signs to that agreement that is being passed around to churches worldwide ,just “come out of her “.

TO the point of this article ,the Vatican Roman Catholic machinery’s hands are all over this interfaith.The use of words are proof that this is no conspiracy theory.

Those who have read far and wide know that Aquinas is the head of Catholic dogma and theology.He initiated the so called Common Good which was drawn from Greek Philosophy of Aristotle.

HIS writings have not only influenced religion but politics and the word game we shall play will show how the Vatican Roma Octopus has gripped the world.



What we have done her is employ synonyms. Synonyms are different words for the same meaning.This how the Antichrist New World order is controlling and confusing the world when they inform them through the mass media.

If you read the daily newspaper these words are floated about abut they all mean the same thing and are in the hands of the only and same Antichrist government.The synonyms hide the monotony.

So Global Peace Festival is also Catholic Peace Festival and United Nations Peace Festival and One World Peace festival.

Common Wealth means One Wealth which means Universal wealth and hence Catholic wealth. Different words ,same meaning…that is a literal and linguistic fact a nd cannot be conspiratorial can it ?

United Nations
United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Common Wealth
Common Law
Common Good
House of Commons
Common Interest
East African Community
European Union
African union
Global Peace Festival
Global Family

World Cup
World Bank
World Health Organization
World Council of Churches
World Food Programme
International Monetary Fund
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Catholic Church which means Universal Church

If one cannot see the sway the False Prophet of the Antichrist Vatican has over the world I do not know.Those words are not coincidences or conspiracies.Man control has gripped religion and politics at the same time and it is against Jesus Christ.

Arthur Owiti