Getting the World Public hooked and used to State of Emergencies
Whereas it is vital to declare an emergency when there is one,this year has had so many emergencies one cannot but ask why.
Just how many state of emergencies have had this year ?? EVERY MONTH.

Haiti quake..January
American Blizzards … February ..some states
Iceland volcano,Sri Lanka violence.March
Jamaica…. May
Pakistan Flooding.. July
Russia Fires..August
Ecuador Strike..September
Hungary …October

This global trend is very telling.The Media is making state of emergency a very usual word yet the effects of such a situation are very detrimental.

WE know at such a time the Constitution is suspended and the rights of the people are infringed .IN some cases natural disasters give an open door for the government to reclaim back land that would be useful for their greedy enterprise.

THese legal suspensions of the law are nothing but tools of fear used to justify arrest and eath of dissenters.

AS we all know that in these last days Christians will be dissenters because they will reject to be part of the beast system that is growing day by day.

True Christians will be called treasonous, criminals, backward,anti-technology as the Beast system is installed in the guise of peace when it actually instills fear and mistrust.


When Kenya underwent election violence I remeber how the religious leaders played in cahoots with the governement of the day.
They spread messages of silence through tehire radios and TV stations yet they are in bed with the same elite.

Like it or not, in these last days to be against the government is to be against the religious establishment of dour day and is to be against the economic establishment of our day.

TO call Pentecostal and Charismatic pastors to repentance is equal to calling the government to repentance because those pastors are in league with the politicians as they enjoy their no tax status and other privileges endowed to them by the state.

To attack Economic institutions for robbery is to attack Religious leaders who make deals with them by borrowing loans against the will of the congregation and coerce the believers to o pay back in the name of tithe ,planting seeds, evangelism and other bogus money traps.

So a state of Emergency works for thes unholy three where the Economic guns can hike prices because of emergency, and the religious can solidify their control by calling people to hide under their umbrella because of the man made disaster.

The government creates the disaster and then use their religious pawns to solve the disaster in their favour. UTTER ANTICHRIST FALSE PROPHET CONTROL.

Hence be on the watch for more world wide state of emergency declarations that will totally call for Despotism and Tyranny legally ,fulfilling the scriptures that the Beats government will murder in the name of national security and peace,yet they will kill and arrest us believers who refuse to be part of the Unholy trinity of Religion, Gvernment and Economics..

Arthur Owiti