How can those who fund depopulation and eugenics seek to solve the same evils they have created ??</strong

By Arthur Owiti

Bill Gates is in Cahoots with the Rockefeller Institute that calls for mobile health technology yet with Monsanto that uses GM foods to cause dreadful harm on people at the same time gain profit from selling their seeds to their victims. He is in sync with Judith Rodin of Rockefeller Institute who came to Kenya to establish Rockefeller Foundation Transforming Health Systems Initiative in 2009.


“About one-third [of that improvement] is by increasing income,” he said. “The majority has been through vaccines. Vaccines will be the key. If you could register every birth on a cell phone—get fingerprints, get a location—then you could [set up] systems to make sure the immunizations happen.” i

Compare with Judith Rodin ‘s remarks from a speech she delivered in Kenya 2009

And third, expanding the use of interoperable information technology, or eHealth. With the arrival of fiber-optic cables in East Africa, the potential to leverage integrated information systems toward saving lives is dramatically accelerating. Imagine your mobile phone as your portal to health care. This is not science fiction; it’s already happening.ii


After Judith Rodin launched the Initiative, Kenya, this year, introduced its own version of Obamacare where employees fund the health care system of the entire nation.iiiActually it is the poor worker that foots a large part of the bill because their salaries are meager.Talk about equity ; even though the government has chosen to soften its stand on the issue, the rich always win in this wicked world.iv

So the Mobile Health Technology is officially a government project. The Rockefeller won Kenya via the health sector. They are enriching themselves as they control others in the name of humanitarian benevolence…deception ; the Antichrist spirit is peaceable to gain riches.

Now you have Bill Gates calling for funding to ensure Electronic registration of births so as to make vaccinations more viable. And he is talking after the Obama Care in USA passed and (for sure not even Sarah Palin and Tea Parties/Republicans will overturn it because it is Rich Man’s Agenda, hence an Antichrist Agenda)

This Electronic Health system or M health is nothing but the Antichrist system unfolding very surely right before our eyes. Registration is the name Control is the game. Just as the scriptures prophesied.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Rev 13:17

In Kenya the following is possible with your mobile phone

1. Paying your bills and rent and receiving your salary which guarantees you the ability to buy food
2.Watching TV
3.paying fees
4.communicating with others
5.storing your medical health records
6. electronically tracing your whereabouts or the whereabouts of your phone if lost

So, if you do not have a mobile phone, you will not get health care.Next you will hear that if you do not have the mark you will not get health care.This is the progression Beast technology is taking just as the scriptures foretell.

The most essential part of your mobile phone is the sim card, because its stores all your information.What is left is for that information to be part of you ,or in you since mobile phones can be stolen or get lost..

This is why Kenya and other countries are registering sim cards because one sim card has you r banking details, your employment details, your identification details, your health details. And with mobile phone account you can buy and sell with your sim card.

AS believers , let us not fear but look up and know our redemption draweth nigh as the Technological/Electronic Tyranny takes center stage all over the world to control the people for the Antichrist government and religion and economics.

Arthur Owiti