When a child is born there is joy because there is life, but when one dies there is sorrow because of death .THat is why there will be no sorrow in heaven because death came because of sin but Jesus comes to give life.YEt the last days shall be days of sorrws because death will be plentiful.

By Arthur Owiti
Just this year alone many have died .The Haiti Cholera outbreak is aid to have claimed 2000 lives.That is a big number.The Pakistan floods took so many.This is juts as Jesus prophesied of the last days .Days of sorrow means days of torment and death,

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? John 11: 26

Believers in Jesus should not forget that we never die . Yet in these last days one thing that will engulf the society is death.It is so strange how many are concerned about the one child policy and reducing people.We complain about traffic jams and over congestion which reduces the quality of services.All these are given as reasons for depopulation.

However the book of revelation reveals how depopulation will be exist at the same time no depopulation.

First we will see the Antichrist depopulation of the church, which believer know is vain because we don not die but have eternal life through Jesus Christ..The number of death penalties for Christians in Muslim counties and others is increasing by the day.Remember them in prayer.
Many believers will die due to persecution and murder and beheading by the Antichrist government after being betrayed to the authorities.

However one form of death in the the End time prophecies that will affect both believers and non believers are :

1.The Great Sword ….men killing one another
2. Hunger
3. Death…
4. Beasts of the earth..animals killing people, malaria,
7.Pestilences and Diseases

Now for those who are trapped in the False Green Gospel that seeks to preserve the environment, will you take God to court because not only will people die but also the vegetation and the environment

1. The trees
2.Poisoned/ Bloody waters
3.Green Grass
4.Sea creatures
5.Rivers and fountains of water

SO death to the environment which includes man …Why ?

THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH ….For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.Rom 6:23

Remember , before sin came to the world everything was good. But when SIN CAME by man the creation also started dying.

One brother told me how he thinks Adam had the saddest death why ?? HE lived for 930 years. He saw when the world was very good and very evil because of his sin.And after his death 100 years or so later, God destroyed the earth with a flood because of SIN.

In these last days we see sin increasing day by day both in the church and the world. Yet people forget what God did about this.

Just as God judged the world in Noah’s time he will judge it again as he saves his own.Why?

The reason why God’s creation was good was because he is good. Since he is good his creation and his possessions should be good.That is why he judges the earth which is stained by sin which is bad when God the creator of the earth is good.


Dominionists think they can save the earth through Christian politics because they are good
Green Gospel people think they can preserve the environment when they have not dealt with sin that is the root cause of the desturction of the environment because they think they are good.

Yet if they are good why is the world still sick ?? WEa re to wait for the good God who will set up his kingdom of good things for those who believe in him.

Otherwise endure to the end and stay in the faith of Jesus Christ whether death of persecution or natural disasters overtake you for we do not die but live in Him.

Arthur Owiti