By Arthur Owiti.

Still we maintain that despite Julian Assange not being Christian his site has revealed to the world the wickedness that is taking place in the high echelons of power in the name of democracy.One being the fact that USA aids and funds the Uganda GOvernment army to commit war crimes in the name of fighting rebels.

America as an Empire (and baby Empire of the British and European Empires) believes that war creates more power and just as the British funded and gave guns to African armies to fight one another hence facilitate easy colonization, America is funding and supporting parties an armed groups to fight themselves to destruction.


In the above article on the Vatican and American octopus we showed how the ocopus with both good and bad arms goes for one goal..its prey.

Now America funds Uganda to commit war crimes and then brings in Christian organizations to Northern Uganda to preach peace and hope.

The same America does Satan’s work of bloodshed and the same America brings Christian missionaries in one country? Strange

This happened during the colonial days in Africa.The British Missionaries brought education and the gospel but the British Government brought the gun and war.Two different agendas yet one consequence..DOMINATION.


Americans must know that when Wikileaks exposes the secrets it is NOT ANTI- AMERICAN in terms of the people..BUT it proves the point that America is A TOOL FOR THE RICH ELITE.THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE BUT WHAT THEY PEOPLE CAN DO FOR THEM.

If the people can fight for them good for them.
If the people can preach in the world for the rich to colonize the world ,it is good for them.
If the American people consumerism is bringing so much profit to them, why stop them from being consumerist ??
The rich Elite of the world that use America to advance its greed and spoiling of the world should be shamed by Wikileaks as they have not answered the following questions:

1. With all the machinery and technology in the world …where is Osama BIn Laden ?

2.With all the machinery and technology with the world and money being poured in East and Central Africa to fight rebels , where Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army

3.Why is it that body scanners cannot catch Osama Bin Laden ?

4. Is the American Army chasing one man for ten years and still have not succeeded ? Osama seems to be the superpower in that sense.

Arthur Owiti

Read article on Wikileaks and Northern Uganda and America’s Bloody Hand in the War.from observer


WikiLeaks: US may have aided govt war crimes in Northern Uganda

Written by George Hepple
Thursday, 09 December 2010 13:09

America gave arms and advice to fight Lord’s Resistance Army while bracing itself for breaches of international law

The US told Uganda to let it know when the army was going to commit war crimes using American intelligence – but did not try to dissuade it from doing so, the US embassy cables suggest.

America was supporting the Ugandan government in its fight against rebel movement the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), providing information and $4.4m worth of military hardware a year.

But a year ago officials became concerned that the Ugandans were guilty of war crimes in the long-running battle against Joseph Kony’s rebel movement, which is famed for its brutal atrocities and abduction of children.

Jerry Lanier, the US ambassador to Kampala, reported on 16 December to Washington that the country’s defence minister, Crispus Kiyonga, had verbally assured him that American intelligence was being used “in compliance with Ugandan law and the law of armed conflict. This pledge includes the principles of proportionality, distinction and humane treatment of captured combatants.”

But Lanier continued: “Uganda understands the need to consult with the US in advance if the [Ugandan army] intends to use US-supplied intelligence to engage in operations not government [sic] by the law of armed conflict. Uganda understands and acknowledges that misuse of this intelligence could cause the US to end this intelligence sharing relationship.”

Nowhere, though, does it appear that the ambassador directly told the Ugandans to observe the rules of war. The following day the embassy reported that a captured colonel, Peter Oloya, held in prison in Gulu, had been shot on the orders of Colonel Charles Otema, the head of military intelligence in northern Uganda who was virtually running the war.

Otema is reported to have been in daily contact with Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni. During the past two years the Ugandan army has deployed 4,000 troops in Operation Lightning Thunder to chase the LRA out of Uganda into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and now into the Central African Republic where, 800 miles from its original area of operation, the rebel group is thought to have fewer than 300 followers.

Several of the LRA’s senior commanders have been killed or captured but Kony is believed to remain alive. Despite US support for Museveni, the US ambassador reported widespread disillusionment with the Ugandan leader’s 24-year rule.

In October last year, Lanier wrote: “The president’s autocratic tendencies, as well as Uganda’s pervasive corruption, sharpening ethnic divisions and explosive population growth, have eroding [sic] Uganda’s status as an African success story.

“Holding a credible and peaceful election in February 2011 could restore Uganda’s image which failing in that task could lead to domestic political violence and regional instability.”

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