An American is an American because they live on a land called America.This is why the Roman Empire called Israel Palestine because they knew that would in effect change the citizenship in the area.

Over 1000 years later we are faced with people calling Jews an apartheid people by denying Palestinians a right to statehood. Yet that land is according to the Bible,the Word of God called Israel.

In God’s terms , that land Israel should have a Jewish kingdom and a Jewish King because it is God’s land him having chosen Jerusalem to be the place where his name is to be(not Rome, Mecca, London or Azusa)

Yet because people misunderstand what God wants for the land of Israel and how he has planned for the Lord Jesus Christ to reign there for 1000 years after the short tyrannical reign of the Antichrist many religious leaders are making grave mistakes in the name of peace.

This is not news.When people reject the word of God they cannot know the will of God.History repeats itself.


During Nazi Germany ‘s reign in Europe , Jews were massacred in the eyes of both Catholic and Protestant Evangelical churches.This was an attack on strangers who belonged to the land of Israel therefore an attack on Israel.

Majority of the church leadership wrongly hid under Romans 13 in the name of being at peace with the State .Very few like Corrie Ten Boom stood up for these people because they knew what God’s word said .

They did not read the scriptures selectively and pick what they want to justify their inaction or hatred.They knew that apart from showing love to everyone whether Jew or not, Jews are the natural olive tree.

Yet millions were killed in the name of obeying the State because the Christan leadership could not give their lives for the sake of others who were being killed unjustly.

Yet Hitler was driven by the notion that his race was superior and the chose nation,not the Jews ..they rejected God, they reject Jesus Christ . How could they be the chosen of God ?
Thus Hitler justified his deeds in the name of religion.According to him he was exercising the will of God. Utter Blindness.

Jew hatred is still in the world but now has gone into another arena.That is that of land .
Worldwide calls for Israel to be denounced and also labeled as an apartheid state are getting louder and louder in the name of religion.

Israel is bound to be split as nations start recognizing Palestine as a State.It is a done deal that will later lead to war in that region as the Bible clearly predicts.

They (nations against God) did it by changing the name of the land to Palestine and then calling Arabs Palestinians thus creating a legal and just right to create a state .

The issue is not about discriminating Arabs .It is about what is driving this agenda.Is it Justice?

America has many cultures and tribes have they called states by the names of every race and tribe in America? NO. Well,that is why America will fall and people will desire to live according to their nations.Discrimination is the tool of Antichrist but they come in the name of Diversity and Cultural Harmony.

This means that Palestinians can live in a place called Israel without getting a state called Palestine.But ah, that is the catch.Many are brainwashed not recognize Israelis hence the desire to secede and be on their own.

Thus hatred and not love is the basis of dividing Israel and this cannot bring peace.


The Nazi spirit is in the world and people and churches do not know it.

The division of Israel is like the building of concentration camps in Germany which happened as people were going by their usual chores.

This division that is based on hatred will lead to war which in the need people will blame Israel for the war and condemn it, just like Nazi Germany condemned Jews for their country’s demise.

The Darwin Superiority theory has not only affected Politics but Religion.Hence Darwin did not create the theory of Natural selection or Super Race versus Weak Race, he confirmed what has been in the world for years.

The Dispensation theology is Darwin theory that started with the Catholic church which rejected the natural olive tree of Israel and hence created a new olive tree of Gentiles.

This theology made it possible for Jews to be persecuted since they “rejected God”

Come Islam and the same theology drove it to believe that there are the most superior religion since Christians and Jews” rejected God”.

Now under Antichrist Ecumenism , all religions and denominations are coming together and saying that Israel ‘s refusal to share the land is a sign of rejecting God, therefore they are haters and sinners.
Islamic States have said…yes divide Israel
Catholic Brazil has said yes…divide Israel
Catholic Argentina has said..,yes divide Israel
Catholic France has said…yes divide Israel
Protestant and Catholic Germany has said …yes divide Israel

From the looks of things a UN resolution that will require the votes of all nations will create a new State called Palestine .

Yet God prophesied such a scenario and has promised that with his son will come a great kingdom of peace where all nations will live in justice and harmony for 1000 years.

But before that time we have to endure the Antichrist government that will takeover the world and take over Israel for Satan and kill the people of God.

The Division of Israel is a different color of Nazi policy that will lead to war.

Arthur Owiti