Since the past November election , we thought that the US Congress and Senate would be deadlocked.However this Lame duck session has revealed otherwise.Actually everything President Obama has said he would do is working out as planned( except the rich man’s war in Central Asia and Middle East.What is shocking is that this is happening right under the Tea Party representatives’ noses.

This reveals that the so called Right Wing Tea Party Tsunami was hot air and not hot tea ,,Why ? The “Socialist” gave them what they wanted … Tax breaks.This strategic move poured cold water on the so called revolution since it revealed that the Tea Party was hijacked by the RICH.

The Moral of the story,both Democrats and Republicans serve one people..the Rich .Even if some policies seem to be aimed at serving the people’s interests, such policies will only pass if they serve the interest of the rich.
They scream about their different ideologies,which is true they do have different views about morality and economics.But when it gets down to the real work they have to unite when it works for the rich and have to divide when it works for the rich.

The Bible is not wrong in saying the love of money is the root of all evil.

Some have said that what President Obama has signed into law can be repealed .It may cause backlash in the society and in the military but the assent of the executive is the assent of the executive.The reality is the law is king and the whole reasons of his presidency is that signature.

Moreover, the Pew Forum Research Group , did a study showing how the numbers of people tolerating gays both in the military and the civilian populace increasing.The foresight and projection of the research group cements Obama’s policies and laws as being in sync with the reality on the ground despite the illusions of Christian America that is going down under as the days go by.

The signature of the King makes the law enforceable all over the land even if you kill him.You can only change the law by rewriting it or repealing it through the signature of another king.

For example ,Obama’s plans to rein in the internet are based on the Patriot Act passed by George Bush jr.George Bush is no longer President but the Patriot Act is still the law of the land.Obama did not repeal it meaning he agrees with it, a law that calls innocent people criminals.

Thus I implore Christians to stop trusting in Tea Parties, Domionionism , Christian Political groups and Rebellions.The Bible has predicted that the Antichrist system,laws will PREVAIL,PROSPER UNTIL JESUS CHRIST RETURNS.Christians will NOT BE RAPTURED UNTIL AFTER THE THE TRIBULATION, they will be raptured at the Last Trumpet after the tribulation .

These laws are happening worldwide even those laws which sound Christian but are actually Fascist in nature.

Let us focus on Jesus Christ and the Gospel for it is not secular or Christian laws that will save people but faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Arthur Owiti