..Who is Next ??

With the Middle East Issue being a Global issue ,every nation will go through the test of either recognizing Israel as one State or recognizing Palestine as a State hence Two state.One month ago, Catholic Brazil declared recognition of Palestine as a State and therefore have gone for the Antichrist plan for ISRAEL.But what about Brazilian Evangelicals ..don’t they have a say.They cannot have a say when their leaders are asleep in bed with Antichrist organizations.Case in point is the Life president of the Assemblies of God.

Bishop Manoel Ferreira at a Global Peace Festival event in USA

Bishop Ferreira has been very loyal to Dr Moon yet one wonders whether he knows or even cares about what Dr Moon believes.Now the Assemblies of God churches in Brazil are busy implementing the goals of the Global Peace Festival and not doing the commandments of God nor preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another worrying trend is that the Global Peace Festival is under the United Nations Umbrella meaning it is a “New World Order Ministry”.
Yet many Brazilian Evangelicals are so sure that Bishop Ferreira is walking in truth by joining with Antichrist bodies.

The Bible is clear that the church should be holy for God is holy .Making agreements and covenants with darkness is saying that one can serve God and the devil at the same time.It is impossible.You cannot serve money and God at the same time.Seems like Bishop Ferreira has chosen to serve the former and not the latter.

Bishop Ferreira and Dr Hyung Moon..Brazilian Evangelical Say Yes to Interfaith,Says Yes to Roman Catholic Church Ecumenism- courtesy Global Peace Festival

The Global Peace Festival , led by Dr Moon is a Antichrist Organization because :

1.It believes in interfaith when the Bible preaches only one faith ,in Jesus Christ

2.Dr Hyung Moon has refused to recant the lie that his father Dr Sun Moon is the Messiah

3.It joins with other religions that believe Jesus is not the son of God.

The Catholic Church is an Antichrist Organization because it

1. It is the initiator of inter faith HOT WIKILEAKS UPDATE ON CATHOLIC INTERFAITH HERE

2.It believes that the Roman Catholic Church is the body of Jesus Christ when the head of their body is a man called the Pope..blasphemy and a mother of harlots, denominations that replace Jesus Christ as the head of the church through their doctrines and titles

3.It unites with religions that deny that Jesus is the son of God therefore are liars and antichrists

Your Church is an Antichrist Organization if
1.It denies that Jesus is the Son of God by joining with Interfaith dialogues and religions tat reject that Jesus is God and the Lord.

2.It believes in the Ecumenical Christ\

3.It teaches that there are many ways to God.

Brethren, these are the days of great blasphemy and iniquity right before our eyes.You better do a Rev a fellowship or church that is embracing the above Antichrist principles.Those above organizations have a form of godliness but deny the power of godliness, Jesus Christ by demeaning him and replacing him