Arthur Owiti

Meditate on this verse on what God can do to mighty, developed nations
Job 12:23 He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the
nations, and straiteneth them again.

As Europe is steeped in Austerity, Africa is steeped in Impunity in its political arena.Just as Africa has natural volcanoes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo, 2011 onwards,Political Volcanoes are going to erupt..things are falling apart and the centers cannot hold. Let us take a tour around these political volcanoes

As stated above the border lines created by Colonialists were battle lines which serve their interests.It is through war they gained Africa and it is through Wars they will regain Africa for their New World Order.

Basically because their is a power shift in the world between East and the West there is division being caused in Africa being supported by these two powers.


1.IVORY COAST…. The stand off is setting a bad precedent for this divided continent as the Muslim North Christian South countries are watching Ivory Coast prepare for civil war when they are already fatigued . What is sad about the whole predicament is that Race and Religion are tied up together in this conflicts .Supporters of Gbagbo are using such characteristics to distinguish between their enemies and supporters as the supporters of Outarra are abiding by his orders in the North of the country.Two bulls cannot stay in one pen without a fight.

….Oil rich Uganda is facing an oily election this year with the country divided having a leader who has ruled for about 3 decades. The conflict is that of generations as the young are pitted against the old, the oppressed against the controller.

Though we are praying for peace, we are not blinded to believe that there is no possibility of a re-run for the first time which is the same road Ivory Coast took.Will it be another case of two bulls in one pen ?

3.SUDAN... It is obvious that since the days of colonialism Sudan has always been treated as two regions, North and South.Thus the secession is not an issue as it will pass .The question is about the resources hence it is all about Abyei.

The new borderlines a re just battle lines for resources for oil NOT for the locals but for foreign empires such as America, China, Europe, Islamic and Vatican imperialists.

4. NIGERIA.. Another Oil rich Country is facing crisis in the Niger Delta that has promised war if the President does not come from their region.This is because Nigeria is thoroughly economically divided as the Niger Delta wallows in poverty yet contains the riches of the country.At the same time the Muslim North is naturally against the South since they have two laws,Sharia and Western Christian..two laws mean two kings and two kings are two bulls.

After Nigeria charged the great emperor Dick Cheney with fraud, they opened a Pandora box of war and unrest that will make the charges look like ants on a mountain.


1. Tanzania-— Tanzania has been a peaceful country but is facing fatigue with the staus quo as in Uganda.The recent bloody riots that have taken place are a dangerous sign of unrest that are being ignored by the world.Such ignorance will spill over to bloodshed unheard of in Tanzania. Absence of war is not peace if injustice is still present.

This is how Rwanda began , and the International watched because bloodshed justifies colonization and dependence.

2.Rwanda.…. It may have cooled down but the past election revealed that truly, prosperity without truth is like building a house on quicksand .The truth that the ethnic divisions were exploited to give room for Global elite and American domination of Rwanda for controlling Rwanda means controlling Congo, the paradise of rich greedy empires.

3.Kenya…Even a new constitution has not hidden the grand sins of the political elite who rule the country as private property.The so called corruption revelations are going to continue to confuse Kenya to political oblivion .It may go through a Kabaka Crisis as in Uganda where the Constitution was overthrown after 4 years of existence.

In all these volcanoes are on course of eruption with others waking up even in South Africa because the world is reaping what it has sown: it planned wickedness by stealling and lying it will reap the same in form of war and bloodshed and devastation.

For Christians in Africa, we should wake up and repent as the so called Western (Capitalism) and Eastern (Communism )Democracies and Western and Eastern Christianity that have been falsely called Biblical, are not so.They are covered with Christian principles but are deceitful covers for the same colonial interests that exist today.Most churches and mosques and temples are just spheres of influence of these Colonial interests.God will judge them all for aiding and abetting sin and injustice.

It is time to return to Biblical Christianity that calls us to minister physically and spiritually to those oppressed by the wicked political, religious economic systems of this world all inspired by greed and deception.

Our hope is in Jesus Christ’s kingdom that is to come after Satan’s kingdom that is brought down at his coming.Yes there is hope even in a volcanic continent and world like this.

Arthur Owiti