It is with the most profound sorrow ad shock that we write in response to what has happened in Arizona where a gunman killed and injured several,including federal officers and a child .Our condolences to the families and friends and to Americans.

It is a very tragic event that is sadly going to have serious ramifications on the entire way of life in America. We have been sharing by God’s grace how America is at such a crucial time and state in her history.I am not American but I endeavor to keep abreast about what happens in America because of its impact on world events .Such events run around through out the world even here in Africa and cause debate and reflections.

This is because she is the Mighty nation and the Glory of Kingdoms .However because America has sinned just like Egypt, Sodom did,so will God judge and all the nations of the world will see it and mourn.

We are going to share more later on but just some questions to ponder on

1. Why is there no footage of the shooting ?

2.Why are the so called Right and Left wings fighting each other when their leaders are being controlled by the Vatican and the Rich elite ?

3. Why is such an incident being used to justify a police state ?

4.Why do people think that when truth and justice is absent ,violence will not be present ?

5. Why attach Political Extremism when a crime should be treated as crime .Murder is Murder ..or is it that possessions of views deemed extremist is criminal? The fact is people died and we can never know what views drove the person,thus why are people attacking views and not tackling the crime ?

6.Whys does Hilary Clinton connect other extremists (Endtime Bible believing Christians ) to Jared Loughner ? Go follow her Q and A form Abu Dhabi in response to the Arizona shooting

These are just thoughts which we will respond on God willing tomorrow as this is an event tragic sit is has a very defining purpose for Christians as the agenda against them is being set up in the most subtle ways you can imagine.

Arthur Owiti