Ecclesiastes 7:7 Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.

As the world is in chaos from Algeria, to Tunisia to Mexico know that it is Global Oppression of the Global Depression that will lead many normal people in the coming days do heinous crimes.As believers , let us not be involved in heinous crimes in these days of oppression but abide in the word of God, walk in Love and patiently enduring to the end the wicked Antichrist Times and System.

BY Arthur Owiti

Crisis Brings Change; Change brings Crisis.. FIRST 9/11/01 N0W 8 1 11

The story of Jared Loughner is one sad reality of how the chaotic political state of America is affecting people .America will fall within for her enemies to make her fall without.Oppression makes sane people do mad things and it seems from what he learnt ,he was inspired to kill.This event has serious ramifications on the laws and ways of America.

Already , his crime is seen as treasonous as the victims included federal officers.He murdered and injured a dozen of people .Thus the law will deal with him for attacking Congress and the Courts at the same time.

Interesting to note that this happened after another attack on Congress took place after Theresa Cao , a birther , crept in and confronted Congress while they were reading the Constitution,on Obama’s citizenship .This issue however did not pick the radar of International Media like the Giffords’ issue.

One should know that whenever there is a serious crisis, spontaneous or planned , a change is created .

1. MLK’S assassination set up the Civil Rights Movement as a recognizable body in American society.

2. 9/11 led to the legislation of the Patriot Act

One should also know that whenever a change is coming, a crisis occurs either to effect it or counter it.

1. JFK wanted to change the Fedral Reserve system and also withdraw from War—crisis was assassination

2. Israel was created in 1948 as a State by UN … wars exploded up till today

The Bible is clear that you sow what you reap in line with science that says for every action there is a reaction.The world is at a juncture of having a New Way of Governance and Finance and Philosophy therefore changes and crises will be the norm.

Many thing s are happening to establish this new system ,which is not new, but just a modification of the old order of evil man ruling his subjects

In the Gifford’s attempted assassination we have already seen changes coming after the crisis:

1.Congress has canceled their debate on the Obama care and other legislation

2. People are being called to tone down on toxic political rhetoric

3.Security for Congressmen and women

And the investigations are not done yet !

So we see the Loughner case as setting a platform for major changes just by the trigger of a gun.


1. This has justified the Obama Internet ID plan to aid criminal investigators gathering information about criminals.The only problem is that this will be used to target those who are innocent.

2. It has justified the Bush Patriot Act to watch everyone everywhere even before they have committed a crime

3. More Naked Body Scanners at political and religious events and banks

4. All extremists (read true Christians) will be called capital offenders or terrorists- already in response to the shooting in Arizona, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has called for the extermination of extremists in America and worldwide– she was talking to Arab Muslim students in Abu Dhabi Dubai today….

Of course Loughner did a grave, heinous crime, but why the broad term extremists when the DHS has already called Endtime believing Christians religious extremists..

5. More Internet Censorship including writings that are similar from that of Loughner or Endtime writings,that is writings against the Federal reserve bank, the Government, Vatican, Jesuits , NWO.Anything “conspiratorial will soon be called treason” because a ” Conspiracy Theorist almost assassinated a Congresswoman and murdered a federal judge.”

5.Gun Laws and Disarmament ..of course not disarming the rich as the rich are always above the law, but the non-rich.FYI the rich elite own the army and nuclear sites.

For Christians, this is a wake up call red alert that the word of God has something other books do not have…the truth of the Antichrist rule world wide and how it will morph out.

I am afraid that the real target of this anti privacy laws and surveillance laws are aimed at Christians because we have the truth that Satan is taking charge of the governments of the world and as it gets clearer each day we will tell many people and warn them and thus be seen as fighting against the Antichrist government .

Practice going door to door house to house person to person since the Internet has been taken captive and the days of Internet warning about the Antichrist NWO and the Return of Jesus Christ after the Antichrist tribulation are numbered thanks to the Loughner Terror.