Is it not interesting that 9/11 originates from Tish B Av ,the Jewish Holiday that remembers the Babylonian Terrorism?
Now the Giffords’ shooting, who is also a Jew , has an interesting connection to 9/11.

In American English, the month precedes the day but in British English ,the day precedes the moth so

American English has September 11 2001 and British English has 11 September 2001

In America A E( American English) it is … 9/11/01 hence 9/11/1 – three ones one 9

In Britain , B E (British English) it is… 11/9 /01 hence 11/9/1- three ones one 9

Giffords shooting took place on January 8 2011 so American English has it as

A E …… 1/8/11- three ones one 8

B E…….. 8/1/11- three ones one 8

Coincidence or part of NWO plot mixed with Sabbatian mysticism ? Your choice but as for me the word coincidence has been scrapped out of my dictionary.

WHY? Tish B Av the Jewish Holiday means the 9th of the eleventh month- 9 is Tish (in Swahili it is Tisa) and Av is Eleven in Hebrew.

The day historically recalls the acts of terror committed against the Jewish Nation as the most devastating days in Jewish history actually happened on that very day in a space of over 100 years-interesting

. The first temple was destroyed
. The second temple was destroyed
. First Crusade declared, 1095.
. King Edward I expels all Jews from England, 1290.
. Explusion of the Jews from Spain, 1492.
. Pope Paul IV moves all the Jews into the ghetto, 1555.
. Start of WWI.

Then a look at some major terrorist attacks in East Africa one realizes that they were orchestrated not only to be a prototype of Tish B Av ,but to happen the same day or week when the Jews begin to remember Tish B Av

Kenya’s 9/11 took place on Aug 7 1998 .. Tish B August 2 1998

Uganda’s 9/11 took place July 11 2010 …. Tish B Av July 19 2010

The lesson we draw from this is that most of these tragic accidents do not happen by accident because they are
not just terror attacks but careful planned events to implement the Antichrist agenda.

The Bible is clear that the there is a spiritual war between the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God.That means that
Satan also has his order his organization and his intelligence.His kingdom is of evil spirits therefore it is spiritual in the sense of what makes up his kingdom.

In these last days he will inspire the governments of the world through the Antichrist and his false prophet to make his agenda to rule the whole world and steal God’s creation for himself.

Our warfare as believers is not against flesh and blood but against those principalities of darkness that control the governments and systems and false religions of this world.

Be strong and put on the whole armour of God in Jesus’ name.

Arthur Owiti