Technology Aids the Greedy Rich Elite

The drastic technological weaponry employed by the British Police to capture students who caused mayhem during the London Riots is a strong message that the RICH ELITE DO NOT WANT REVOLUTIONS.


The British police have undertaken the most sophisticated methods and means to identify all the hooligans who caused chaos most especially a young man whom they suspect of carrying a petrol bomb and another who attacked the Royal convoy carrying Prince Charles and Camilla.

What tools are the British Police employing:
2. Computer Software that can slow and hasten video clips and zoom in on faces of individuals
3.You Tube Uploads

These are practically Computer Technology that many of us use daily in one way or another.However the same technology we use for different uses is the very technology being used to capture criminals.

The goal of the British Police is to apprehend those they discover so as that NEVER AGAIN would such hooliganism take place again in England.Welcome the Technological Police State and the death of Successful Revolutions,Marches and Strikes.

Many innocent citizens think that the so called Police forces and other security personnel like the army are primarily told to work for their interests.That is not so.First and Foremost they serve the interest of the government which is owned and works for the the rich elite.

Thus even if it is a strike about the salaries of the people ,the Police will use force against the crowd if the Elite is against the crows.However ,if the elite support the crowd they will command the police not to use force against them.

Yet,some argue that the police cannot use force against peaceful demonstrations.Yes that is true,however most demonstrations are not idle walks in the park.When people keep on marching and they see no effect o r changes being implemented due to their protest,their resort to anarchy and violence in the end.This is because by protesting there are calling the Government to attention to their needs.

This is the common trend in almost all revolutions that ended up in bloodshed or wars.
However the Rich Elite this time will not take these revolutions lying down.In the past most of the aristocrats that did not prepare against the masses died horrific deaths such as the royal families of France and Russia that were either guillotined orb executed.

LONDON RIOTERS..courtesy sky news

However ,in this NWO Controlled World,this will not happen.A look at the budgets of most countries in the recent past and one will notice a n interesting trend that the Defence or Security Budget has the highest portion of expenditure or its expenditure has increased.Why ?

They are busy buying weapons to use against the Citizenry.They are stashing money to fund youth militia and police militia against people who will rise up against the monstrous polices and devastating turmoil that will grip the political,social,and economic fabric of many societies in the world.

The NWO Elite also employ scientific inventions that are used as weapons against the people ,whom they see as a distraction and obstruction to their acquisition of wealth.

In Africa and Middle East, it is quite telling to note that countries which have large resources and mineral wealth ,suffer the most wars and political instability.This is because the rich elite seek the resources of that region .

If it is discovered that under your brick house there thousands of barrels of oil, do you think one will let that house continue standing?It will be demolished so as to get the oil which is of more value than the house.This is why in most Commonwealth countries, mineral resources found on your property automatically belongs to the State.

Another example ,if a community lives in a region that has a lot of gold and oil,but the people happen to be very many , a greedy person will do anything to get that area.All tricks in the book will be employed, from diseases to terrorism to war and to deceitful contracts.
This is what happens in Congo, Northern Uganda, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other rich areas.Remove the people and get the land.
Therefore those who think that the government forces such as the police and armies are not under the control of the rich elite are living in wonderland .The so called Technological GPS tracking employed by Mobile Phone companies and Internet Service Providers are tools for the Rich elite to control and quell in form of dissent whether non violent or violent.

This is time for believers other than think to employ guns against these elite who own all the nuclear weapons and laser guns, to put their trust in God and endure this Antichrist onslaught against the saints.Look up and know ,that your redemption draweth nigh.

In Christ Jesus
Arthur Owiti