When the Old time missionaries came to Kenya ,their churches and schools and hospitals that they built became State Property and the British Crown managed to colonize Kenya.Today, the Government takes the same land not in the name of religion but in the name of technology ,development and false peace and justice.This is happening in Maasailand.

Ever since the Government’s massive plan to resettle IDPS in Maasai Land ,there has been uproar and court battles blocking the Government from such a move.This is because the Land that the Government wants to use belongs to the Maasai who are known to be pastoralists.

This has been such an issue that a Maasai Land Activist was assassinated ,probably due to his tireless efforts to protect Maasai land fro, illegal acquisition which has been a very common thing by corporations.

As usual such incidents go uncovered by the Media, no in depth analysis ,yet it is an issue that can lead Kenya to chaos if not solved.

People think that these that raising such issues is outright anti development.No, one wants people to be transparent.These land deals never benefit the Locals even though they build schools , hospitals for them as long as the property is n the hands of another unauthorized party.These things should be completely under the name of the said community but they are under the NWO Elite rule.

That is why there is toxic reaction because some people do not forget history and are not dumb to repeat the same mistake.

First of all who created the IDPS ? The Rich Elite.They bought and took over all the land of IDPS who are mostly Kikuyu thus with their large numbers emigrated to other parts of Kenya especially Rift Valley.With their stay there there have been clashes since 19992 and the 2008 violence was the climax.This violence was fueled by the rich elite to acquire lands in the name of clashes and maintaining peace.

Now the IDPS cannot go back to the lands some of them purchased and owned and are now being resettled again in another land and find hostility.

This is not a stand for anti- integration.Africans live with one another despite differences but when it comes to issues that pertain to land ownership, blood always boils.

Yet the real people that are causing blood to boil are the Rich Elite who through the laws are slowly acquiring land bit by bit in the name of resettlement.

Now the Development Projects have also taken up Maasai land where springs are naturally found.With a plan to set up an Geo Thermal Plant the Maasai are being told to relocate as the land has already been sold and will be used for mineral extraction.

My point is to show how very soon the re will be no land for people to settle in hence justify the depopulation program of the New World Order. Buy dividing and grabbing the land , the NWO are causing people to fight one another and shed blood in the name of property.

Truly these are the last days when nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.Rebellion is being cooked in different regions of Kenya.

Arthur Owiti

Armed youth keep vigil to prevent resettlement of IDPs

Published on 27/12/2010

By Beatrice Obwocha

Armed youth are keeping vigil at the disputed Rose Farm in Mau Narok to prevent surveyors from subdividing land meant for resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons.

The youth armed with rungus, simis, bows and arrows vowed not to allow the surveyors into the land and threatened to lynch them.

Addressing the Press at the farm, representatives of villagers from Tipis accused the Government of using force to resettle IDPs there.

Kantet ole Yengo said they have vowed not to allow strangers to be resettled in the land as it belonged to their ancestors, hence it is theirs.

He said they chased away surveyors who wanted to subdivide the land last week and will not allow them in.

“This is our land and we will protect it even with our blood,’ he said.

Calls for dialogue

On Wednesday evening, a group of youth stormed the land that was bought from a British farmer, David Hampshire Rose, and chased away surveyors who were demarcating the land.

According to the villagers, the controversial land is part of the 30,000 acres taken from them by the British Government and should be returned to them. The Government has bought the land and plans to resettle over 900 IDPs on it.

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Special Progmammes Minister Esther Murugi assured IDPs that they would be resettled on the land early 2011 after surveyors finish subdividing it. But Eldoret Catholic Diocese Bishop Cornelius Korir has called for dialogue to resolve the standoff over resettlement of IDPs in parts of Rift Valley.

Bishop Korir said land was sensitive and communal dialogue should be embraced to curb recurrence of violence in future.

Cause conflict

“People should not ignore sensitivity of land issues in Rift valley. Communities should not be ignored when it comes to resettlement to prevent eruption of violence in future,” said Korir.

Speaking at the Eldoret Catholic diocese, Korir urged Kenyans to use the festive season to build peace and reconciliation.

He told politicians to ensure the country was united before embarking on 2012 election campaigns.

Elsewhere, two MPs have urged the Government not to resettle IDPs on the controversial Mau Narok land. Fred Outa (Nyando) and Pollyns Ochieng (Nyakach) said resettlement of the IDPs on such land would cause conflict.

They cited the killing of an activist Moses ole Mpoe recently for speaking out against the planned exercise.

“We ask the Government to be cautious in its plans to settle IDPs in Mau Narok against the wishes of the local community,” said Outa.

Yesterday, the MPs told The Standard the Government needs to consult extensively with the Maasai, and listen to them on the particular land, before IDPs are resettled there.