Church Leadership is in a mess ! Child Molestation, Adultery, Greed,Money Swindles not Love ,Sharing, Humility, is what we are hearing about the church today.Thus most of the church has become the home of all demons because of rejecting to do God’s Word and abide in the truth.Where are the prophets and wise men and scribes ?

It is at such times that prophets and wisemen rise up to warn people of the current decay and sin in the society.These people are not loved yet their message is about restoring Love and truth in society.

Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets,
and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify;
and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute
them from city to city: That upon you may come all the righteous
blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the
blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple
and the altar.
Matt 23: 34-35

Cities like Nineveh responded very well at the word of Jonah of repentance.Yet Jeremiah was jailed for calling people to do the same.

In this series we will go through the list of Jailbirds for truth in God’s word to learn that God’s people stand for God’s things in a wicked generation.

I laugh when I am accused for attacking politicians, business companies, religious leaders.This is because when one talks about ills in society,truthfully and calling all to return to God’s Word,they will talk to everyone high or low.

Jesus spoke against the businessmen,actually whipped them; Jesus spoke against the religious leaders and political leaders such as Herod whom he called a Fox.To disagree with someone is not disrespect if the point of disagreement is an issue of truth.

If your mother has a hole in her dress and you are a 5 year old child, will you leave her alone because you are young and immature? A good 5 year old who sees such a hole will not allow her mother to go to the market with a torn dress from behind .
She will tell her and her mother will change her dress,not because of the age of the kid, but because it is the truth that her dress is torn and she would have been a laughing stock had she not known so.

Yet many churches play ostirches and only preach jargon they do not understand instead of relevant issue like why does a Pastor make a deal with a mobile phone company to sponsor a church event?They prefer letting mummy be laughed at.

As we learn from the prophets of old,let us be encouraged that in these last days we should also stand up for righteousness and truth and speak to all men,politicians, business companies and religious entities to repent.Mighty judgments are coming to call men to repentance because we live in a very wicked generation

The first prophet is our Lord Jesus Christ,The Prophet as was promised by Moses the Prophet in Deu 18: 18
Sometimes when you pause and think what Jesus will do to Pastor who molest kids, you shudder.The Bible is clear that when the Lord is angry no man can stand.Yet ,when he was on the earth,he spoke with authority and got angry with a reason,angry at the hypocrisy in the religious institutions.

As a prophet,apart from doing many signs and wonders ,which prophets both true and false do, Jesus spoke and taught the word of God to those who could hear.

A prophet of God speaks about the righteousness of God, the will of God and way of God.Jesus declared all this and lived them out in the example he set as The Prophet.

A true prophet, speaks against sin and iniquity and injustice.These things do not occur by osmosis,they happen through human agents.Thus he ends up speaking against those who commit those sins and calls them to repentance.

Thus who makes the human agents? All human beings of all walks of life .People commit sin in their respective positions as doctors, lawyers , housewives, mechanics, teachers ,jobless and others.Thus the word of God goes to all these people, all people.The ball is left in their court to either repent or not.

1.Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand
2.Believe in him whom the Father has sent


1. Stormed the temple by chasing away the buyers and sellers in the temple who came to buy instead of praying Matt 21:12-13
2. Preached Woes and Punishment to the Religious and Political Leaders,the Pharisees and Saducees Matt 23
3. Prophesied Sorrow ,Gloom and Doom for Jerusalem Matt 24
4. Encouraged those that loved God to be faithful to him John 15
5. Wept for Jerusalem and for the blindness of many that did not believe Luke 19:41
6. Prayed for his disciples to be sanctified in the word of God
7. Spoke the scriptures, the written word of God
8. Gave analogies, similitudes and parables using the examples of the world and earthly things that people knew and understood
9. Had to run and hide from his enemies when they sought to kill him before his time Jhn 8:59


1.Politicians—King Herod, Sanhedrin, Elders

2.Religious Leaders…Pharisees and Sadducees

3. Businessmen…Pharisees and Temple Businessmen

4.Elite…… Lawyers, Scribes

1. One night ….the night before his crucifixion


1. Blasphemy…. A false charge Luke 22:70-71
2. Arson/Terrorism… because he said that he would destroy the temple .. false charge, they misunderstood that Jesus was actually talking of his death Matt 26:61
3. Rabble Rouser ,Inciter ..Luke 23:5
4. Treason…by calling himself King he was speaking against Caesar, the King of the world at that time Luke 23:2

So in essence, Jesus died according to the scriptures, not just because of an unfair trial. He had to die to save the world from sins that whoever believes in him receives the righteousness of God by faith in his blood. He then arose for the justification of those that believe in him and will return for them to reign with him forever.

Yet we find that ignorance of the scriptures and the will of God made these rulers do what they did.
Thus a true prophet will be misunderstood and thoroughly rejected if they speak against the sins and evil ways which the people love.

Yet those who seek to please God will repent and turn and believe in the Lord Jesus that they might have life.
In Christ Jesus,
Arthur Owiti