American Rich Elite Success, Chinese Rich Elite success = American Working Class failure.

AMERICA AND CHINA...China is an American Collie,like INdia was a Bristih Coolie in the early 20th century

IT is sad , the truth is , deception is the heart of the game of the systems of this world.The political smiles of associations and friendship are nothing but creations of evil systems that feign the reality on the ground.The reality is China has gained from USA’S FAILURE.

The outsourcing of jobs shows one that the builders of America were not thinking about setting up a country of free people.They saw America as a big huge gigantic property , yes, that is why America is THE harlot (not forgotten Rome).

One cannot reject his wife irrespective of her old age but one cannot go out with an ugly prostitute .When one is done with a prostitute it end s there , no strings attached , no court order to demand the possession s of the man; only the wife can do that.

YET America prostituted herself to the nations of the world and now they are tired of her because of her old age,and waning strength.

The Antichrist MSM wants to paint America as still strong and not threatned by China but that is far from the truth.America is not trees or skyscrapers , it is the people.When the people are despondent the country is despondent irrespective of its high flying buildings and infrastructure.

Moreover , for the NWO to have its one world government rule they need an America that is non isolationist and that they have done through NAFTA and more agreements to come to solidify the whole matter.

Some end time teachers think that these things are in the far future but I have come to refute that claim partly because these guys cannot drag their plan for years as the people can realize this truths and spread to the every institutions they control and hence cause unwanted changes.Hence it will be with speed.

Unwanted changes like, the poor or pro poor leaders ruling, or MLK type of leadership that is prop people but anti -corporaton..that cannot happen in this evil world ..not in a million years, Like the banks refusing to deal with rich criminals…do you want the bank to close down??

For example , Ugandans will not need to get an ID , all they will need is a voters card to act as an ID. However if the State is guaranteed of making money out of making East African ids , they will .

SO in short, the Chinese are being used as coolies by American Elite like the British used Indians to oversee the building of the railway in Africa.

American LAbour is failing because China and Africa are more promising harlots with their cheap labour and nearness to resources than America’s labour that know their rights.

Yet by killing American labour , have they killed the American consumer ??

Arthur Owiti


China’s Hu Jintao and Barack Obama pledge stronger ties

US President Barack Obama has hailed relations with China, saying the two countries have a huge stake in each other’s success.

At a White House ceremony to greet Chinese leader Hu Jintao, he said the US and China would be more prosperous and secure when they worked together.

Mr Obama also raised the thorny issue of human rights.

Mr Hu said co-operation should be based on mutual respect, and they should respect each other’s development paths.

The two leaders have now gone in for talks, which are expected to tackle issues from currency and trade to defence and security.

Meanwhile US officials revealed that a $45bn (£28bn) export deal had been signed with China, including Beijing’s $19bn purchase of 200 Boeing aircraft.
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We have an enormous stake in each other’s success – we will be more prosperous and more secure when we work together”

End Quote Barack Obama US president

‘Universal rights’

The BBC’s Paul Adams in Washington say the US administration is making sure this state visit lacks none of the required pomp.

After Mr Hu’s arrival, the two leaders shook hands as the Chinese leader was welcomed with full military honours.

They stood on the White House lawn as a military band played the two national anthems accompanied by a 21-gun salute, then walked over to meet invited members of the public before addressing the crowds.

“We have an enormous stake in each other’s success,” Mr Obama said. “We will be more prosperous and more secure when we work together.”

He cited President Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping in 1979 which normalised relations between the two countries, frozen for the previous 30 years.

He said the current visit would lay the basis for the next 30 years of ties.

He also referred to human rights.

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There are countless ways of characterising the relationship between these two nations, but almost everyone is animated by the idea that we are witnessing an historic shift”

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image of Damian Grammaticas Damian Grammaticas BBC News, Beijing

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“History shows that societies are more harmonious, nations are more successful and the world is more just, when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld. Including the universal rights of every human being,” he said.

In response, Mr Hu said co-operation between the two countries in various fields had produced “fruitful results” and relations had “achieved new progress”.

“Our cooperation as partners should be based on mutual respect,” he said.

“We live in an increasingly diverse and colourful time. China and the United States should respect each other’s choice of development path and each other’s core interests. We should deepen mutual understanding through communication, increase mutual trust through dialogue and expand common ground through exchanges.”

As the ceremony was going on, on the other side of the White House pro-Tibet demonstrators vented their anger against what they regard as a repressive regime, chanting: “Who is a liar? Hu Jintao is a liar” and “Killer,killer, Hu Jintao.”

At a news conference later, Mr Hu is expected to face questions on China’s human rights record.
‘Tough talk’

Mr Hu arrived at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington on Tuesday and was greeted by US Vice-President Joe Biden before attending a private dinner at the White House hosted China and US pledge stronger tiesby President Obama.

As Mr Hu dined, activists outside the White House held aloft banners urging the US president to to “admonish Hu” over China’s human rights abuses.

Western TV reports of Mr Hu’s trip broadcast in China were blacked out when the crowds of protesters were shown – one BBC report showing footage of human rights protesters demonstrating outside the White House was blacked out for 30 seconds.

The White House is laying on a full formal reception with lunch at the state department, dinner at the White House, and meetings with some of America’s most powerful business leaders from firms like General Electric, Coca-cola and Boeing.