The Chinese expansion and growth in Africa is phenomenal .IT is surely going to cause a lot of political upheavals or changes due to the way the Chinese do business.Yet we are not just looking at China.WE are looking at who is using China.

Empires are driven on great ideas of the Elite.The British Empire was driven by elite who used the Empire’s might to control the whole world.

China is using its economic success to build Africa, yet we know that this building is to facilitate the New World Order.Hence China is being used by The Elite to build Africa to the levels of NWO compatibility.

China, the Red Dragon Country(RED DRAGON IS ITS SYMBOL) is being used by the Red Dragon Antichrist who is NOT Chinese but connects with the China’s Red Dragon and his Red Dragon.Rev12

This means when the NWO system is complete in Africa, the issue will be about how many jobs one has because , for those who would have studied, the jobs will be beckoning.

Yet Unemployment will surface because Technological gap. More than half of the working force in Africa does not use detailed computer technology ,however through their mobile phone handset, they are just as ready to live in a technological world like their Western counterparts.

With these new avenues ,one will be tempted not to be left out of the system not knowing this is a Technological Tyranny being put in place.The only difference is that they are using the Chinese to hide the real owners and planners of the NWO system.

One should never forget that Satan is THE FATHER OF LIES.The Antichrist and his elite, use deception or coverings to hide their agenda.AS we shared last time, the British Empire, the Roman Empire used deception when they planted local rulers who would act as a sign of Independence when actually there was no independence.

For example Asian businessmen were planted in Africa so that when uprising during economic hardships, people blame the Asians who are being used as Human/ Business shields for the Rich Elite.IN Uganda people rioted against Asians instead of the real elite because they could not reach the elite.

This is the same as Islam.Islam is a religious shield for the Vatican church ,since the Jesus of Islam is the Jesus of the catholic Church..Tammuz.In the days of reformation, the Catholic church directly killed Christians ;in these Antichrist days, they will use Muslims

This is how the NWO is controlling Africa and colonization is the hear of the game just as the Bible says.


Now one may be wondering, what is wrong with getting a job in this system that seeks to improve the lives of people?
The Bible is the ONLY BOOK IN THE WORLD that reveals in detail the Antichrist Control the World.

1.It has the name of the ANtichrist REV 13
2.It has the time line of his reign.. 42 months Rev 11
3.IT DECLARES THAT THE SYSTEM WILL CONTROL BUYING AND SELLING Rev 13 buying of education, buying of food, selling of services
4.It marks out that his reign will be worldwide, all nations Rev 17,18
5.It marks out the rise of the Chinese Army Rev 16

These are but a few SPECIFIC PREDICTIONS , no book in the world has , no religious book in the world has ever made such claims ,showing us that the Bible is truly God’s Word.

Thus China is a tool being used to establish the Antichrist government in the poor areas of the world.


China in Africa..China lent more money to Africa than the World Bank

China in Zambia..Bilateral trade increase 100%

China in Malawi.. China adopts Malawi

China in Angola…China’s African foothold

China in Zimbabwe…Cooperation in LAw Enforcement

China in Cameroon…..BI lateral cooperation

China in Tanzania…… China firm wins Tanzania Coal Iron mine bid

China in Uganda ……Political Cooperation

China in Burundi ……. in charge of health

China in Kenya…..boosts road network

The only reason why the African Elite “love ” Chinese Investment is because China wants to build irrespective of the interests of the people and that the Chinese people cannot hold the government accountable(IT is totalitarian a system of rule that many African leaders love and practice) for aid and development unlike their Western counterparts who demand the Western Elite to put tough conditions on aid money since it is their money or taxpayer money.
Besides just like the British population that moved into Africa to work for their country , the Chinese are also moving into Africa.

The difference when it comes to aid money and corruption is that the African elite are partners in the business and therefore share the spoils with the Chinese and Western elite. Thus the developments will definitely be built and Africans get jobs but the spoils will be in the hands of the African and Chinese and Western Elite.

Ultimately the NWO business and system is beng built by the Chinese who are the laborers in Africa for the Antichrist NWO elite.


Arthur Owiti